Concerning Career Change For Pastors

by Weary Pastor

Pastor's Heart Cry For An Expanded Ministry

My Invitation For Readers to share their story was worded this way: Have A Encouraging Story Describing Your Career Change As A Pastor?

The following article was written out of the honest heart of a weary pastor. There was no name given so let's assume it could be any pastor, perhaps your pastor.

That the article is from a Weary Pastor in Europe does give us a ministry setting geographically but then again, it could be from any world area, perhaps your town or city.

I share it simply because my heart was touched by the honesty of this pastor and I want others to join me in prayer for those called of God to serve in the tough places.

By the way, I will not print any negative reactions to this pastor's situation or emotional mindset. I will share any that are encouraging and offering hope and support.

May the article below serve as a call to prayer for our pastors.

Interesting Perspective Regarding Career Change For Pastors

I found your concepts about leaving the ministry helpful as we are grappling with the thought of handing over the leadership of the small church that we planted in Europe six years ago to another couple from outside our church.

When we started, we had such grand aspirations and thought that the church plant would grow quickly so that we would not need to be bivocational for very long.

Six years into the marathon, ten people have come to the Lord who might have never heard of Him otherwise, but our church still only numbers 40 on an average Sunday... and we still have to work long secular hours to make ends meet.

Bi-vocatioanal Church Ministry

We are up to our necks in broken marriages and grueling counseling appointments after long work days. We feel like our "get up and go has gone up and left", and we are considering calling another couple to take over leadership.

We would still be part of the leadership team, but would have more time for evangelism, which is what really makes us tick. We do not feel like failures .... we try not to, anyway .... and your website is helpful in that respect.

I think the harvest in this end of the world simply needs some new fresh hands and hearts that haven't been dragged through the mud for years.

Honest Feelings Of A Weary Pastor

Deferred hopes have made our hearts if not sick, then at least weary, and it would be such a relief to hand over the leadership baton and take on a more supportive role.

Yes we feel battered and bruised, but not opposed to perhaps moving to another town to plant afresh in a couple of years when our son graduates from high school.

I was just writing in my journal that "I still proclaim that you are good and you are faithful", but then I changed the word "proclaim" to "whisper".

"Proclaiming" is a "name it-claim it-frame it" word, at least in my European language, and I am too weary for make-believe at this point.

It requires a lot of strength to speak of things that are not as though they are, and I no longer have the strength to do that. But I can still whisper that He is faithful and good, for He is.

Inner Resolve To Remain Faithful

At first I thought of myself right now being in the same position as when our first baby was born prematurely and died. But I sense in my spirit God correcting me, encouraging me to lift my head.

Like the Lord who went before me and has suffered much much more than me, I can lift my head in gratitude and say: "Lord, here am I and the children you have given me".

I am just change in God's big pocket, and maybe it is time for these small coins to be spent elsewhere.

Thank you for this supportive website which strengthens that perspective

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