Cruise Ship Internet Options and Frustrations

Available Cruise Ship Internet Options

The first cruise ship internet connection frustration was human error. I had brought a older laptop that my brother in law had loaned my wife. My cruise ship internet usage plan was to work on my websites as we traveled, creating a cruise vacation journal.

Unfortunately I just assumed that the power supply was in the laptop case. Oh well, so go the best laid plans for using the cruise ship internet connection.

Fortunately the cruise ship internet cafe did have plenty of their own computers. I found out that the price was the same for internet connection whether or not I used their computers or my own computer on the cruise ship wireless connection to the internet -- a small fortune.

Fortunately for me I would be earning some of the cost back by keeping a cruise ship journal of our travels. That is one of the blessings of having my own website business.

Cruise Ship Internet Connection Efficiency

I was warned that once I had utilized more than 50% of my selected time for the internet connection plan I I had chosen, that I would be given the option to purchase additional time upon login.

I should have seen the shake down coming when I was also instucted that "Should you choose not to purchase additional time upon the time plan’s expiry any additional minutes will be automatically charged at the ship’s per minute rate. This will avoid sudden termination."

Did I tell you I had given myself permission to use the cruise ship internet option by telling myself I could earn back some of the major cost of using the cruise ship's internet plan through the Adsense advertising strategy and other affiliate marketing strategies that internet business owners employ?

See the details of my

Website income strategy.

Continueing Cruise Ship Internet Frustrations

I have discovered that time flies when using the internet connection plan of the cruise ship. At least that was one of the frustrations whenevever I used one of their computers in the cruise ship internet cafe.

The cruise ship internet instructions were easy enough when using one of the cruise ship internet cafe Workstations. Except that when they say "Please click on the “Logout” button on the screen to discontinue your billing session", it is very important to follow instructions.

I was told to simply follow the login instructions to identify myself in the cruise ship computer system. I was told to "Choose from one of the pricing options on the screen. Charges will be automatically billed to your shipboard account."

Whoops for whoever used the cruise ship internet connection before me. So I logged out for them and logged in for me. No telling where they had been using this time sucking internet plan that I assume most cruise ships have.

Oh no! Have I been on that long? Well, one of the cruise ship internet options I will choose is to say "I am out of here!"

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