A Decision Making Tool To Help You Discover God's Will

Decision Making Tool Introduced

As a decision making tool, Choose It! makes decision making easy. When it comes to determining the will of God for your life, this decision making software can be used for career change choices. You can use it for everyday decisions too.

If You Are Serious About The Will Of God

For help in decision making and the will of God, this tool can guide you as you make important business decisions, career change decisions, financial decisions, and those tough to make life-changing decisions.

For many of us, making decisions is not easy. For example, the decision to change career direction is definitely not an easy process. But now, with Choose It!©, the process to make a career change decision is far easier process than you realize.

A Decision Making Tool To Determine God's Will

Most people in my world are tuned in to discovering and doing God's will. I hear those for whom the will of God is important use spiritually based terms like these:

  • finding God's will,
  • finding the will of God,
  • decisions based on God's will,
  • and obedience to God's will.

One of the questions I often hear those struggling with changing career direction ask is this: "What in the world is God's will for my life, for Christ's sake?"

OK, I embellished the wording of the question many ask in a much simpler form -- What is God's Will for my career and my life?

Early in my career, I was confronted with a career change decision. I was introduced to a concept entitled "Decision Making and the Will of God".

It was a God-send, helping me define God's will for my life at a crucial point in my life journey. Not only did this life changing principle help me define God's will for my life, it provided a basis I have used throughout my life to make career change decisions.

Choose It!© is a decision making tool that works in much the same way as an internet based decision making tool.

Decision Making And the Will Of God is a process whereby key life decisions, based on data we already have, is laid out for us. Once we have this decision making data, we can make our decision using Biblical principles and ethical guidelines to assess the opportunities at hand.

Using this method, I have discovered there is a huge amount of freedom in finding and doing the will of God. I also found that God's will is not a single menu item but a smorgasbord of choices. Choose It!© simply helps you set the table with your smorgasbord of choices.

A Tremendous Free Decision Making Tool That Helps People Make Choices

While this tremendous free tool helps you define choices, it cannot make choices for you. And while not a uniquely Christian tool, I believe it can help people discover the will of God.

For the purposes of this website, once the choices are out on the table, Choose It!© can enable anyone serious about making career choices to change careers with purpose.

A Self-Directed Free Online Tool To Help You Make Tough Decisions

Choose It!©, a self-directed free online tool, helps people make tough decisions quickly and easily.

Let's say, for example, you are burned out professionally in your present career. Choose It!© will guide you to make a career change decision based on data based on what you already know about yourself, your dreams, your personality, and God's will.

Perhaps you have thought about starting a non-profit organization or have questions on how to start a home based business. Choose It!© will enable you to lay out your options.

Now you will still need to determine the final outcome based on what you see as God's purpose for your life and God's purpose for your career. Prayer still is a crucial spiritual tool that no decision making software program can replace.

Choose It!© does not make your choices for you but helps you define and weigh career possibilities. Additionally, as a decision making tool, you can use for simple, everyday decisions.

A Problem Solving Tool To Move You Past Fear

Choose It!© is a effective problem solving tool for helping those immobilized by fear move past that fear in their decision making. So many of us -- concerned about making a wrong decision -- by not making a decision, do make a decision, the decision not to explore God given opportunities.

Remember that faith is action, according to Scripture. Choose It!© begins that faith process by prompting action-steps, whereby you, in a simple, straightforward way, type in answers based on what you already know -- about yourself, about your dreams, about your personality.

Go to Choose It!© - Decision Making Tool

Ultimately you make your own decisions. But with Choose It!©, these become data driven decisions, based entirely on the information you typed into the software.

And oh yes, after all is said and done, remember to pray. One of the best definitions of prayer I have heard is getting God's perspective and aligning yourself with the will of God.

This Decision Making Tool Helped Me Become An Internet Chaplain

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