Earnings Income Disclaimer Merge Opportunity With Reality

Why An Earnings Income Disclaimer Is Needed

Most Websites have an earnings income disclaimer if the offer affiliate marketing strategies to those wanting to earn money through the internet.

So why are earning potential disclaimers needed?  First and foremost is that it is the law. The FTC (US Federal Trade Commission) has mandated that any website that even suggests that there are income earning possibilities must declare the potential risks involved.

Let's face it. Most of us are often blinded by what we perceive to be assurances of income production. There are even TV ads that spoof the idea many have that just because it is on the internet, it must be true. 

Thus, if providing internet income examples, they also must notify website visitors that there is potential risk in any internet marketing strategy presented.

My Potential Income Disclaimer

You will notice that this website, Change-Career-With-Purpose.com, offers site visitors the opportunity to purchase various products, some of which are created by Chaplain Paul Slater and others sold by me as an affiliate of other product creators.

Thus I am required by law to state I may earn a commission when there is a purchase or subscription through affiliate links on this site.

The Genius Of Internet Marketing

To me, that is the genius of internet marketing. To think that someone like me can produce income by creating information products, which when sold to those wanting those products, can actually produce retirement income through the internet.

Not only information product creation but also products of all kinds, such as anything sold on Amazon and other retailers who provide earning programs for common folk like you and me. 

Yes there are risks in any transaction, whether online or off.  After all, have we not all arrived home after shopping, only to discover the milk we just purchased is sour?

Internet Income Examples Are Not Promises of Internet Earnings

Internet affiliate marketing takes effort and hard work. While you may see that some made money through a specific product or program, treat that as an example and nothing more.

No one knows the future and the truth is most of us are very trusting. So understand the risk of internet shopping, investing, and starting an internet based home business.

It is up to you and me to investigate and perform due diligence regarding any company that does business, whether on the internet or in a nearby shopping center.

You Must Understand and Accept Internet Income Risk

You will note that on many website earning disclaimers, most of it is in CAPITAL letters, which on the internet, is the equivalent of shouting.

Simply said, disclaimers are saying no one can guarantee that you will earn any income through internet marketing. To be honest, I always say to myself, I am willing to lose the money expended on the programs and products I purchase.

Potential Opportunities Balanced With Reality

You and I see potential earnings promised in email marketing letters, the latest affiliate marketing discovery, and pitches by so called Internet Marketing Gurus urging us to jump on their secret marketing program before the price goes up by midnight Tuesday.

I confess that there have been a few times I weakened and clicked the magic money maker button, only to be disappointed by a rehash of internet marketing junk that someone produced last year along with several hundred others producing the same outdated material.

You do know that the earnings and income they show are often examples of what perhaps one person did. And in the worst case, those examples of internet earnings just may be made up.

Truth be told, there are no absolute promises that even what is considered a legitimate internet home business can make regarding earning potential for everyone who tries it. There are just too many variables such as personal drive, expertise, people skills, follow-through and even the economy.

That being said, most financial decisions involve risk, so understand not only potential earning possibilities and the potential risks involved in any transaction.

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