Easter Sunday Church Sign Saying

by Devin
(Allentown, PA)

Church Sign Quote Focuses On Easter

Church Sign Quote Focuses On Easter

For those looking for funny church signs quotes, this one is humorous yet hard hitting, challenging yet inspirational.

Humorous Church Sign Saying For Easter Sunday

Maybe that is what gives some humor its punch -- the message grabs us or, as in this case, challenges us.

If You Think Getting Up
Sunday Morning Is Difficult,
Try Rising From The Dead.

Church Sign Sayings Often Inspirational Church Quotes

Now I suppose some sayings for church signs are hard to understand and this just may be one of those for many who see it.

You see, the message is aimed at those who just cannot get up on Sunday mornings to attend church services.

What makes it a special Easter message is that rising from the dead is exactly what Christ did that first Easter morning!

This church sign message goes to central truth of Christianity, Faith In Jesus Who As Our Resurrected Lord, has defeated death.

So make plans to attend church Easter Sunday to Worship Our Risen Lord!

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