A Need For Easy Purpose Driven Software Helped Launch A Purpose Driven Career

I have been seeking for easy purpose driven software, any purpose driven software for that matter, to help me define life's purpose quickly and easily.

My search for effective ministry software led me to this website creation software package that I used to write an article focusing upon my present purpose driven life chapter.

My present ministry life chapter is that of an internet chaplain. You see, I have several websites that focus on ministering to those needing advice from a professional board certified chaplain, now retired.

Finding this purpose driven software was instrumental in launching a new purpose driven career.

Seeking For Easy Purpose Driven Software

Many people, perhaps most of us, find it difficult to define just what our purpose is.

My hunch is that if I advertised that I had developed easy purpose driven software, I would capture the attention of those searching for what that software program would deliver.

Anyone and everyone could have it said that they live a purpose driven life. After all, no mention is made, when you refer to the purpose driven life, as to just what purpose is being referred to.

But most people assume that the purpose driven life is a life that is God pleasing, and that the driving purpose is a spiritual calling empowering obedience to God, especially when it comes to a purpose driven career.

Purpose Driven Software

Yes it seems that people find it difficult to define just what their purpose for life and career is. Easy purpose driven software would. . .

  • simplify the entire process of defining what a person's purpose is;
  • make it easy to enter the data and have the results spit out quickly
Yes, most of us desire purpose driven software to make it easy and simple to define God's purpose for life and career.

Writing A Purpose Driven Life Chapter

I wish I could quote the exact author who helped me understand that life is best seen as a book, we could call it the life purpose book, and that the transitions of life should be seen as chapters in the life purpose book.

Instead of defining various segments of life in years, see segments of life, or marriage, or career, as a purpose driven life chapter.

I believe this simple exercise of viewing each transition one's career as a purpose driven life chapter, one among many.

This is one of the keys to being able to change careers with purpose. One chapter concludes and another chapter begins.

One of the best quotes I heard is "When it comes to life, never see it as finished if another chapter can be written."

And to give a summary of purpose driven life, compiling each purpose driven life chapter, will read like the life purpose book God intended. There is always another chapter to be written.

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Launching A New Purpose Driven Career

The ultimate study question for purpose driven life is this: "What in the world, for God's sake, is my purpose in life?" How I wish I could offer easy purpose driven software to make the process simple and easy.

But in my experience, to arrive at defining one's purpose has involved tough times, difficult situations, and of course, getting my own pride out of the way.

There is a spiritual process involved in discovering one's purpose in life. That's why most are seeking for easy purpose driven software.

Any purpose driven software will do for that matter, to help define a purpose driven life chapter as it occurs.

We are hoping that a new purpose driven career can be launched without trials, job assignments we despise, or relational difficulties.

For some reason, God chooses to use all those challenges to equip us for the next chapter in the purpose driven life.

Software Helping Me Fulfill My Purpose

For helping me get beyond writers block, it was suggested that Book Writing Software would qualify as purpose driven software.

Of course at the top of my list of recommended software is of all things PowerPoint.  Take a look at what you can do with PowerPoint to produce Journals and Career Focused Self-published books by harnessing the power of presentation software through Createful Journals.