Educating San Diego: A College Focused Sign

by College Degree Enthusiast
(San Diego)

Educating San Diego Sign Of The Times

It seems the University of Phoenix has a monopoly on our church sign.

Over the time span of several years, the large billboard sign on our church property has had a college education focus, almost all for the above mentioned online university.

A College Education Focused Message Quite Effective

The sign is actually quite striking in its appearance and yet is very simple in its message.

Educating San Diego reveals a very relevant theme aimed at those interested in getting an online degree. There is no question as who the advertiser is, with the University of Phoenix very clearly seen by those driving past on the freeway.

They announce there are seven locations in San Diego, showing they are both campus based as well as online. Of course, a U of Phoenix campus would not be a traditional college campus but more of a large office building.

Higher Education A Competitive Business

Recently I heard a news report saying the University of Phoenix had several hundred thousand students enrolled. With the availability of online distance learning and community campuses too, I would not be surprised at this enrollment figure.

We all have heard that a college education pays. Perhaps more than we realize, to institutions of higher education. No wonder there are so many college focused signs urging students to enroll.

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