Education Alternatives Now Include Online College Classes

Now You Can Even Earn A College Degree Online

Education alternatives now include some very practical educational options: online learning whereby you take online classes through distance learning, so that you can earn a college degree online.

"My father would have been amazed to hear that by taking online college classes you can even earn a college degree online"

Because he was a lifelong learner, my father would have been thrilled with the many learning options available in this internet age, had he lived long enough to experience the online learning opportunities so readily available.

College Education Alternatives

Yes, there are many choices in the education industry for the prospective student to consider when determining the best approach to furthuring your education.

The fact that you are considering educational alternatives to college means you feel the traditional approach to higher education is too costly, takes to long, or simply does not meet your learning objectives.

Good for you to realize there are many ways to further your learning, and yes, even online education alternatives.

So As you explore these many different ways to learning, make sure you keep your own life values in tact.

Getting A College Education Is A Means To An End

Why sacrifice your greatest investment years by letting others have your funds you could have invested for your own wealth creation and give it others?

Remember that it is your financial future that should be your priortiy, so see earning a college degree in that light. Even so, there is value in being a learner for learning's sake that may not impact your financial future in any way.

A Passion for Learning

I admit I have been blessed because a passion for getting an education has been in my family's blood for generations. My grandmother (my father's mother) set the stage for future generations, being a college graduate in 1899!

Now, over 100 years after she graduated from college, the internet has exploded the educational possibilities available to those who have a passion for learning.

These educational options, such as online learning, and distance learning, make an online education readily available to her great grandchildren!

Most of them have taken advantage of how easy it is to take college classes online and someday I assume some her great, great grandchildren will earn a college degree online totally through distance learning.

With Online College Courses He Could Have Earned His College Degree

My father, attempted college several times but had his educational pursuit was interrupted by the Great Depression and the WWII.

While the pursuit for education and learning has been true for my generation, ours is not the only generation to place great emphasis upon educational pursuit.

Regarding his mother, my father observed in a letter to my son, his grandson: “She was the oldest daughter of a family of ten children. Graduating from Storrs College (now the main campus of The University of Connecticut) in 1899, she went to teach school in East Glastonbury where she taught for several years”.

Importance of College Education

My father attended college at various times of his life, never completing his degree because the Great Depression took place right after he graduated from high school.

It was years later, after his retirement, that he began taking classes at a nearby community college, Pasadena City College, and also some evening classes at Fuller Seminary.

I was so impressed with his thirst for knowledge, especially when he took several semesters of Biblical Hebrew, something I never did in getting my masters degree in theology.

My father pursued education and searched for optional education alternatives throughout his lifetime, especially after he retired.

Had it been available then, he would have taken college courses online. I believe that through distance learning, with his thirst for knowledge, it would have been within his reach to earn a college degree online.

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