Education Degrees And Teaching Frustrations: I Quit!

by Meg (Frustrated California Teacher)

In talking about Working In the Education Field - "Education degrees not enough! Even with an teaching degree, I quit!"

Education Degrees But Still Quitting

Stop the insanity! As a former teacher, I was constantly overwhelmed with demanding class schedules, inadequate lesson planning time, whining children and whining parents and a demanding school administrator.

Teaching Degrees Not Enough

The continuous stress of all these teacher expectations eventually caused exacerbated hearing, lung and sinus problems. ENOUGH!

Ready For A Blank Employment Application

I finally quit teaching (after 14 years) in June of 2008, but I have been drifting for the last 7 months. What now?

-Meg, A Frustrated Former Teacher

What would you say to Meg, who even with an education degree, quit her teaching position?

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