A Federal Student Loan Consolidation Specialist Focuses on Consolidation of Federal Student Loans

A Federal Student Loan Consolidation Specialist

Now the concept of Consolidation of Federal Student Loans is not something I dwell upon. Yet that very career option came to mind a while back.

Always searching for purposeful career opportunities no matter where I am, I was prompted to explore the career field of student loan specialist paying bills.

Career Change Prompt #1

Funny how are minds are prompted to remember what ought to be remembered. I was doing Google Adsense research on the term student loan consolidation when I realized I had not paid my son's federal student loan.

Consolidation of the loan has been done but it seems he will be paying on this federal student loan for the rest of his life.

Change of Career Prompt #2

Because of the need for federal student loan consolidation, I asked my son, as he began negotiating the student consolidation process of his college loans, if he had ever considered financial service career as change career option.

Seems to me to be a hot job possibility, since consolidation of student loans seems to be a big deal for those who have financed their education with federal student loans, as both he and his sister have done. In fact, we get a flood of student loan consolidation offers every week, it seems.

The challenge these days is that federal loan consolidation, while offering great interest rates, sure does string out the consolidated loan a long time. And it seems that if you pay only the minimum payment, the balance of the principle increases.

Student Loan Consolidation A Highly Competitive Financial Service

Now I'm guessing that student loan consolidation must be a highly competitive financial service, with such a high Adsense payout as well as all those notices in the mail claiming to be the best student loan consolidation offer.

Student Consolidation Of Their Loans Provides Career Opportunities

Then it occurred to me that student consolidation careers just may be something to be pursued if the student loan consolidation industry is that competitive.

As I looked at his student loan payment coupon, there was lots of advertising begging those with student loans to consider federal loan consolidation.

That means employment opportunities must exist to service student loan consolidation. Now, I ask myself, would that be a good career change, with purpose?

Purpose Driven Careers In The Financial Services Sector

Now I have some work to do. First pay my son's federal consolidation loan (he does reimburse me the amount of the consolidation loan payment).

Then tell him to pursue what I think is a purpose driven career in the financial services field. If student consolidation is that important to him, then there are probably millions of others who would benefit from federal loan consolidation.

That to me is a career change opportunity that would help others find solutions to the financial debt trap in which they find themselves.

Exploring Federal Student Loan Consolidation Career Resources

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