Filing For Bankruptcy In California
Bankruptcy Court Challenges Positive Thinking

Filing For Bankruptcy In California Bankruptcy Court

Somehow declaring corporate bankruptcy doesn't sound as if it fits in the message of faith. To me, hearing about someone filing for personal bankruptcy or declaring corporate bankruptcy is heartbreaking.

Bankruptcy details are challenging for me to read about because of the tendency I have to be judgmental. How easy it is for me to take on an attitude of financial faultfinding. Of course, one look into the mirror is all that is needed to correct my judgmental spirit.

Being Bankrupt And Being Positive Thinking Proponents

I was reading several articles about the Crystal Cathedral filing their financial plight in a California Bankruptcy Court when I had to put a stop to my negative reaction.

You see, Bankruptcy and Positive Thinking just don't fit my view of the Crystal Cathedral, a mega-church in Garden Grove here in Southern California.

The reports are that the church filed for bankruptcy protection due to owing $48 million to 550 listed creditors.

I can remember back when I was a young pastor deciding whether Pastor Robert H. Schuller's message of faith and positive thinking was really what I believed.

One reason that I appreciated the message of one of his early books, The Power of Positive Thinking, was that I needed to replace the power of my negative thinking with a more positive mental outlook.

But I was always wary of buying into the concepts totally, probably a carry over of my bent toward negativism. And to be honest, I wondered if it was a lack of faith on my part to question the concept of positive thinking, especially in finances.

Their Corporate Bankruptcy Does Not Refute Biblical Faith

Here are my conclusions regarding this unfortunate financial sitution: The truth of Scripture regarding the principles of faith are not threatened by this church filing for bankruptcy.

What I am asking is this: Could it be that in taking the positive thinking concept they actually put their faith in what they perceived was faith.

I guess what I am thinking is that if we have faith that God will provide, should we go down and open up a line of credit at the bank. After a lifetime of mixing up the messages of faith and borrowing power, I now question the borrowing part of the equation.

Truth be told, I have come to the place of cash only in my personal finances. Unfortunately, we do have a few thousand dollars of debt to clear up from our past financial approach, which was that God will provide through credit.

I wonder how many other non-profits are on the verge of bankruptcy, having put their faith in credit to pay their expenses rather than the provision of God to do so.

Hopefully, the positive spin on this financially negative situation of this non-profit filing for bankruptcy is that we truly get in step with scriptural principles of faith.

Reasons for bankruptcy are the same for individuals, corporations, businesses, churches, and yes, even governments -- income loss and too much debt. See why none of us better judge those declaring bankruptcy?

So then the question is how many of those owed will also declare being bankrupt? Seems to be a long trail of consequences that could impact any one of us, unless you really did trust God for His provision, rather than putting your trust in credit.

Yes, filing for bankruptcy is challenging, especially when the primary message has been the Power Of Positive Thinking. Hopefully declaring corporate bankruptcy will be replaced by the Power of Positive Faith In A Powerful God, who wants to keep us out of debt.