Purpose Driven Careers In Financial Accounting Services

Financial Accounting Services Industry Profile

Financial Accounting Services Industry Profile Reveals an growth of careers in the financial services industry, with key growth in the financial services career sector.

Rewarding Purpose Driven Financial Service Careers

Careers in the financial services sector are rewarding purpose driven careers if the focus is upon serving people in fulfilling their financial goals and dreams.

Personally, I want to do business with those whose focus is on the service aspect of the title - financial services. As my wife and I talked about this article on financial service careers, we noted that often the motivation for people in financial services is suspect.

Yet a purpose driven financial career, whereby the personal financial needs of people are served, is indeed a purposeful career for those who are seeking to change careers, with purpose.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the financial services industry is composed of three primary sectors:

  • banking,
  • securities and commodities,
  • and insurance.

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Financial Accounting Services Growth Expectations

The financial industry’s annual rate of growth (1.2% annually between 2002 and 2012) represents 964,000 new jobs created by 2012. (Jay Berman, Monthly Labor Review, February 2004) The following financial services occupations are expected to increase in employment by over 18% from 2002 to 2012:
  • personal financial advisors (34.6%),
  • financial analysts (18.7%), and
  • credit analysts (18.7%).

Management And Professional Jobs In The Banking Industry

Employment growth is expected in management and professional jobs in banking, customer service representatives as well as securities and financial services sales representatives.

Insurance Industry Professions

Growing areas of the insurance industry are medical services and health insurance in addition to the industry’s expansion into the broader financial services field.