Financial Triads Explained

Financial triads, by definition is simply taking three financial subjects or key financial principles, and putting them together.

For example, in talking about how to finance purchases, a financial triad looks like this: Credit card, debit card, or American Express Card.

Get Equifax Credit Watch Gold 3-in-1 Now! If talking about buying a house, these three financial subjects could be include together: home mortgage,home refinancing, and home equity loan.

These 3 mortgage related financial terms make up a triad of financially focused terms.

Financial Triads Revealing Financial Aspects of Home Ownership

Those three terms, each connected to home financing, are an example of a triad using subject matter that is related to the financial aspects of home ownership, terms that are more or less connected.

By the way, the reason I became interested in "triads" is because the definition of "triads" is simply three principles or topics, more or less connected, formed into one continuous subject. That fits my rambling writing style.

You see, it was my association with financial professionals that prompted this new interest in this unique financial designation.

Now the concept of triads seems harmless enough to me, but in exploring the concept of triads, through a financial terms Google search, I also discovered a dark side to the concept.

What I found through my financial research effort is that "financial triads" refers to profiteering financial organizations that we in America would equate to the financial underworld, like the Mafia, which gives the concept of association financial professionals a whole new meaning! (So if I end up with a broken leg in a dark alley, you know what happened.)


Now let's get back to financial triads. I'm into reclaiming good words and concepts for good use, so will reframe this financial concepts within the context of "change career with purpose".

Formulating financial triads, I will simply place three key financial principles or financial subjects together that are more or less connected, into one financial topic.

I especially like the idea of being "more or less" connected. I started thinking about all of the financial triads in my life, financial factors that are more or less connected.

Talk about potential website content or blogging subjects! Just think about all of the self published ebook possibilities there are, based on these economic triplets of truth.

For example, we just bought a house. Notice all of the economic type of triads that exist in that key financial transaction.

Think about the primary financial principles we used as we obtained our credit report, received a gift according to IRS guidelines, secured a mortgage, purchased home insurance, and researched a garage conversion for more square footage.

Financial Triads: Financial Principles for Financial Principals.

Here are just a few of these financially based triads that crossed my mind as I was writing this article:

Fortunately for me, these financial subjects need only be connected more or less. That means there is a lot of room for less specificity, which frees me to greater creativity.

How could you profit from writing about your financial knowledge?