First time home owner mortgage guide: what a first time home buyer should know before buying

Dad's Advice: Learn About First Time Home Owner Mortgage Programs

A while back, my 30 something young adult daughter made an offer on a condo in San Diego as she pursued a new career. (Maybe I should write my own ebook entitled "Career Change Financial Concerns For The Young Adult".) Now she needs a first time home buyer mortgage as in this, her first time home purchase.

Unfortunately neither her realtor nor the selected mortgage broker knows much about first time home owner mortgage programs. How can a realtor say to the first time home buyer "I have your best interests at heart", yet not know about special programs for first time home buyers?

Career Change Financial Concerns Impacting the First Time Home Owner

I have tried to let my daughter be an adult, which she is, without saying too much -- a miracle in itself. But I must confess that I did speak rather bluntly to the realtor, saying that, as a father, I would hope my daughter has a realtor who understands first time home buyers and is looking out for her best financial interests.

Now I know I should have just kept quiet, but I went on to say that it would be a shame to find out later that there were firstime home owner grant programs that were missed just because of ignorance or indifference on the part of financial professionals she is trusting to help her.

What would really fry my shorts would be to later discover that realtor commissions won out over first time home buyer financial needs.

Exciting New Niche Market For An Aspiring Real Estate Agent: First Time Home Buyers

I even tried to suggest to the real estate agent that this could be an exciting new niche market for an aspiring real estate agent attempting to sell first time home buyers their first condominium or house in a market like San Diego, where prices for tiny studio condominiums are right at $200,000.

Perhaps I better get started writing my self published ebook but perhaps the title should be First Time Home Owner Mortgage Guide: What A Firstime Home Buyer Should Know Before Buying A Home" or "Career Change Financial Concerns For The Financial Novice".

I wonder if I should give the first copy of both books to the real estate agent or to my daughter.

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