Florida Hospitals Clinical Pastoral Education Providers

by Katherine Hodge (Palm Harbor, FL)

Which Florida hospitals provide Clinical Pastoral Education?

(The following article anwers this question: Do Florida Hospitals offer CPE that will help me fulfill the educational requirements for chaplain certification?)

Florida Hospitals The Place To Begin Search

"I live in Florida and have questions about becoming a chaplain. My residence is in Palm Harbor, Florida and am exploring requirements for a chaplain career.

I am an ordained Methodist pastor but have no Clinical Pastoral Education or CPE. Can you suggest where in Florida I could find Clinical Pastoral Education training centers?

Suggestions For Chaplain Career Training

Florida must have great opportunities to help those searching for chaplain career training.

While Florida hospitals are great Clinical Pastoral Education providers, there are other possible providers as well, such as Florida Hospices.

About Florida Hospitals Clinical Pastoral Education Providers

You will discover that these Florida medical centers offer Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) that provide the necessary training for a chaplain career.

Check with what you consider the best hospitals in the area of Florida, starting with Palm Harbor, Florida, where you say you live.

You can expand your search for Hospitals in Florida, looking at the major metropolitan areas in your Florida Hospital search.

Florida Hospital Websites

Search Florida hospital websites, looking for references to Spiritual Care Department. Most larger hospitals in Florida will offer Clinical Pastoral Education to those wishing to become professional chaplains.

Faith Group Chaplain Websites

You said you are an ordained Methodist pastor but that you have no Clinical Pastoral Education CPE. Check out your denominational website for webpage dedicated to Methodist Chaplains.

Also check with Methodist chaplains you know for their recommendations as to the best clinical pastoral education centers.

Florida Hospice Providers

There are many wonderful hospices in Florida that possibly offer Clinical Pastoral Education to help you fulfill your chaplain certification requirements.

Florida Chaplain Training Centers

You mentioned you are ordained so you meet the ordination requirement for becoming a chaplain.

You did not say whether you have a master of divinity degree or an equivalency masters degree that might be acceptable in meeting the educational requirement for chaplaincy.

May God bless you and guide you, helping you find Florida chaplain training centers that offer Clinical Pastoral Education.

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