Funny Church Sign Sightings

by Rachel (Kingman, AZ)

"Church Sign Sayings Can Brighten Your Day."

These funny church sign sayings prompted a chuckle from Rachel and made her day brighter.

Seems that this church needed more material which can be found by clicking this link:

Church Sign Saying Resource Books

It is easier to let the cat out of the bag than it is to get it back in.

If you don't like organized religion, join us, we're not that organized either.

Whoever said Humpty Dumpty was an egg?

Love thy neighbor...even if they are a Rockies fan. (She says that she saw this funny church sign saying just after the Colorado Rockies had played and won against the Arizona Diamondbacks.)

Chaplain Paul Comments:

Sometimes we can be like a church sign with a message on a shirt, jacket, or hat. How?

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