Garage Conversions: Adding Living Space Through Garage Remodel Projects

Reasons For Garage Conversions

It is interesting to me that people needing more living space often come to a website with a career change focus.

I made a passing reference to converting garages to livable space in another article I had written about increasing living space.

It seems more people than I thought are thinking they need to add more living space. Garage conversions are practical solution to the need for increasing square footage.

Our reason for doing so was we had adult children needing to return home as they faced new life challenges in their twenties and thirties.

For our son it was a spinal cord injury that required surgery and rehabilitation. He could not work after his spinal cord surgery so ended up needing to return home until he could work again. That spinal cord injury eventually prompted a career change into the domain hosting sector of the internet industry.

For our daughter, she made a job change and decided to move from Colorado Springs to San Diego, relocating for a new job. Her stay was temporary until she found a rental in San Diego. Writing has been her passion and she wanted to relocate nearer family in her writing career search.

Others tell of elderly parents moving in with them and a garage remodel provides the space needed for parents moving in with them. Remodeling the garage meets privacy needs of elderly parents moving in with their adult children.

Consider Garage Remodel Careers

By the way, this need for adding living space could possibly lead some of you who are in the building trade to explore garage remodels from a career perspective.

Those in the remodeling field may discover conversion of a garage a remodeling niche to consider, especially when the housing industry tries to right itself.

Now I like to focus on career change with purpose and if the purpose is nothing more than a lucrative remodeling niche, I question the motivation as being purposeful in meeting people's needs.

But what if your purpose in garage conversions is to help people better their family relationships through home construction remodel strategies.

Those needing more living space are not just wanting do a garage conversion project simply for selfish reasons. There is usually a life crisis that precipitates the need for converting a garage to living space.

Check The Building Code For Garage Conversions

Building code requirements for garage remodeling projects are not optional. Many of the non-permitted garage remodels have caused present home owners grief, especially when it thwarts the selling of their home.

In our area, recent newscasts of completed garage conversion projects have revealed some of problems garage remodels have caused these homeowners.

Their stories tell how they were unaware that their conversions, even those that had passed inspection, yet had to be torn our due to some type of building code violations for garage model projects.

The message from our building code department, while bad news to those needing to redo or even tear out their additions, is good news for those whose career change has been to become home remodelers specializing in garage conversions.