Gas and Electricity Suppliers Anticpated Higher Prices

Gas and Electricity Suppliers Prices Resulted In Overpayment

I noticed my gas and electricity providers career listings when checking out gas and electric prices on their corporate website.

Gas and electricity suppliers usually raise prices. But recently the provider for most of San Diego sent me a letter notifying me they had money to refund to me.

I guess their gas and electric prices were expected to be higher last year for the energy needs of residential and corporate gas and electric customers, but such was not the case, so most of us overpaid.

SDG&E, San Diego's Gas and Electric Provider, received approval to issue a one-time bill credit to customers. They notified customers of their intent to return an over-collection in the Energy Resource Recovery Account (ERRA). So in mid-November I get the letter telling me how to get my electric bill over payment of nearly a hundred bucks.

The problem is that I said to myself, "Later, Slater" and set the refund notice aside. Then I remembered that there was a time limit on collecting the refund but I could not find the gas and electric refund notice. Getting that refund would be like getting cheaper gas and electricity so I searched even more diligently.

Finally, I did what needed to be done anyway, go through the "Later, Slater" stacks and recycle or shred documents, as well as file for when I do my taxes, which of course, I will do later.

Good news, after several hours of office clean up, I located the document rewarding me for my efforts. Let's see, maybe I made $25 per hour to get that electric bill refund. Now that I am retired, that is big money to me.

Claiming My Gas and Electricity Overpayment

I am no longer a direct customer of SDG&E since moving to a senior mobile home park, who probably pay business electricity rates. Fortunately I noticed that in addition to their current customers, former SDG&E customers with closed accounts could possibly collect the refund.

I followed the simple instructions for requesting the refund check by going to the website and completed the form.

They promised to expedite the process and said that I should receive my refund check within 10 business days. That will make for cheap gas and electricity when I apply it to the mobile home lot rent payment.

Electric Bill Refunds And Career Change Possibilities

Now let me tell you how applying for that refund check from my gas and electric provider ties in with career opportunities in the gas and electric industry.

On the bottom of the power providers website is the word Careers that linked to Career Opportunities at SDG&E.

I discovered that San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is a regulated public utility that provides service to 3.4 million consumers through 1.4 million electric meters and 830,000 natural gas meters in San Diego and southern Orange counties.

Our dedicated team provides the framework for outstanding service to both corporate gas and electric customers as well as residential utility customers.

So next time you check on gas and electricity prices or to pay your power bill, why not check the job listings. I'm guessing that most gas and electric providers probably have career opportunity notices on their websites, just as San Diego Gas and Electric does.