More Healthcare Employment Opportunities As Emerging Health Care Occupations Increase

"The opportunities in healthcare employment continuously amazed me when I was working in healthcare field before my retirement."

Healthcare Employment Opportunities
In The Growing Healthcare Industry

In what I call medical careers with purpose, health care government research, has confirmed that there will be new and emerging health care occupations providing exploding job possibilities in the healthcare field.

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New And Emerging Health Care Occupations Means Continued Healthcare Employment

In essence, these healthcare career opportunity studies reveal there is an ever increasing demand for more physician services and that this demand for physicians’ services is highly sensitive to several healthcare factors, such as

  • changes in consumer health care preferences,
  • healthcare reimbursement policies,
  • and federal healthcare legislation as well as state and local legislation.

  • Demand for physician services may also be affected because patients needing healthcare services are turning to other healthcare providers for various healthcare services.

    Emerging health care occupations included in the list of healthcare providers whose services will supplement physician services are

  • physician assistants,
  • nurse practitioners,
  • optometrists,
  • and nurse anesthetists.

Good News For Those Seeking Healthcare Employment

Employment opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing healthcare careers as physicians and surgeons are expected to increase.

Fueled by reports of shortages of healthcare services in some specialties as well as inadequate number of doctors in some geographic areas, the result will be that those looking to change careers will consider becoming a physician as their healthcare career choice.

Healthcare training opportunities will also need staffing as medical school educators respond to the medical professional shortage. The need for medical education will encourage medical schools to expand programs, prompting hospitals to increase their available residency slots.

And of course, even career opportunities for chaplains will open up as these healthcare employment trends develop, providing chaplain career jobs in the exploding healthcare industry.

*Adapted from Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2006-07 Edition, Physicians and Surgeons, on the Internet at (visited June 23, 2006).

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Growing career opportunities will continue for all existing healthcare occupations as well, according to healthcare industry findings by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.