Heart Attacks Of A Different Kind

by Brad Geier, Article Idea Prompter
(Winfield, MD USA)

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Heart Attacks Beyond The Physical

Heart attacks, from a medical perspective, are very serious. Medical experts warn us that timing in responding is crucial when it comes to matters of the heart.

Heart Attacks Of A Spiritual Nature

Recently a heart focused church sign message was submitted that was entitled "From the Heart".

The focus of the sign's message was gossip, repeating rumors. Remember Jesus said that it was out of the heart that we speak our words.

The sign message declared a very simple quote:

Rumors Are Often Spoiled By Facts!

Heart Attacks And Gossip

Of course, the correlation between rumors and the impact on the heart is that each person involved in the gossip chain is impacted spiritually.

Everyone involved is hurt spiritually, receiving damage to their spiritual heart. Once the "facts" of a rumor are revealed, the rumor may be "debunked", but the damage to the person who was the focus of the rumor may still be wounded.

Often, even when the truth is revealed, those that passed on the rumor are often unaware of just how much damage has been inflicted, not just on those whom the rumor or gossip is about, but those sharing the juicy information are impacted too.

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