Home Based Business Computers
Provide New Earning Opportunities

The need for home based business computers prompted my own home based business venture. Of course, I would go an entirely new direction were I starting my entrepreneurial pursuit today.

People responding to a home based business opportunity as their new career often think they have a need for a more powerful home business computer. I have learned it is how you use the computer that is the key to earning income online. 

Today I would explore selling products on the Amazon Platform and multiple streams of online income as suggested by Jim Cockrum in the Silent Sales Machine. Ranked as one of the top business books on Amazon, it is heralded as "Quite possibly the all-time best-selling eBook about building a successful business online."

My Story About Home Based Business Computers

"Pastor Paul, have you ever thought about repairing computers? You already know how to build computers, so why not start your own computer business that is home based?"

So began my own home based business. At first, I just repaired what were classified as home based business computers.

I did so for several friends in Bellingham Central Lions Club. Once I had confidence I then moved up to building a home based business computer for a Realtor friend. So began my Christian home based business.

I was the pastor of a small church, giving was low, my wife's job reduced to half-time due to health problems, we had two kids in college, and we were financially strapped. Responding to this computer home based business opportunity became my own "change-career-with-purpose" opportunity.

I Could Repair Computers One-handed . . .

I needed the other hand to hold the computer repair manual!

I had just told my church board that I either had to find employment as a bi-vocational pastor or move on to pastor a new church. But I had never thought about starting a computer business.

He was right, though, in that I provided in home computer tutoring, usually to computer illiterate friends and parishioners. And while visiting some relatives who were small business owners, I had repaired their home based business computers.

Data Recovery was one of the home computer solutions I provided for my home based computer business clients.

I told my church board that I would continue to serve as their pastor if they would free me to begin a computer business startup.

The supportive board member had himself just started working at a computer wholesale company and so set me up with an account. He shared with me all he knew about how to start a computer repair business.

He taught me some computer business basics such as how to swap hard drives and how to install motherboards. Like I said, I built my first home based business computer one handed.

If I were to do it over, I believe I would have done better in my entrepreneurial pursuits had I sold products via Amazon, Shopify, and other multiple streams of income. Perhaps you too need to explore the Proven Amazon Course, which Jim developed out his Silent Sales Machine concepts.

Increasing Computer Business Opportunities

My prices were low and soon my computer learning was increasing, so I even tackled building a cheap business computer for a realtor friend.

He then told his boss, who was in the process of choosing a business computer, and so my computer strategy created a cheap computer niche.

As computer business opportunities increased, so did my computer business (which my friends referred to as the Christian computer business).

Even Good Home Based Business Ideas Run Their Course

Eventually my friend's "start a computer business" suggestion came to a halt as computers became more powerful and cheaper in the process. There just wasn't the margin needed to make money by repairing computers.

Meanwhile look at what is happening with Amazon Sales and selling platforms like Shopify and Etsy. Those are the earning opportunities I have explored in launching a home based business venture and would encourage you to do so too if you are serious in launching your home-based business venture.

Yes, there are affiliate links above, what I call the genius of marketing online. I may receive income should you buy one of the suggested products, a key component of my retirement income!