Home Office Furniture Plans Included A Remodel of My Brain

Home office furniture was in my wife's remodeling plans, but I did not realize all that she had in mind. You see, my wife wanted quality home office furniture for our new home office, providing professionalism to our home-based businesses.

Unfortunately, she thought that any good office design included a remodeling of my brain by one of those professional organizers, someone to help me deal with clutter!

Quality Home Office Furniture For Our Home-Based Businesses

Sitting in front of me in our present home office was a drawing that my wife sketched that detailed what she wanted in furnishing our home-based business office.

She wanted quality furniture, not cheaply made furnishings.

Home Office Design Idea

Her home office design idea was very simple, and included:

  • functional and efficient use of space;
  • a modular layout;
  • plenty of storage for conducting business out of our house;
  • and of course, the remodel of my brain she says will help me deal with clutter.

Her Home Office Idea Includes A Professional Organizer

The Office Layouts she has seen on the many DIY (Do it yourself) television programs she watches had a Professional Office Organizer who forced people to throw out clutter.

So it isn't just quality home office furniture she wanted for our home based businesses. Her concept of an efficient home office required an organizer to redesign me, treating what she says is a horizontal surface allergy -- that is, I tend to break out in piles on any horizontal surface within arms length!

Discovering the Entrepreneurial Drive Within  

Now in your exploration of home business opportunities, consider why you would even want nice office furniture, how you will use it since your need for furnishing the home office may not be immediate in your entrepreneurial pursuit.

Let me share my home business adventures. When I was in full-time pastoral ministry, I served mostly in small churches with very low salaries. Now retired, I wish I knew then what I have discovered since, that a Christian home business can be a ministry that helps people too. 

One of the great discoveries I have made is that Christians in business can be another expression of ministry, and just as much as serving as a local church pastor.  

What is interesting is that at the time that I was in these difficult ministry assignments, church leaders did not want pastors pursuing business ventures. The consensus was that if it was allowed, pastors would leave ministry to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. The truth is that pastors of small churches were already leaving due to the lack of financial support! Many pastors left their church with 2 years anyway.

I wonder if pastors would have been encouraged to start a home business, if it would have enabled them to stay in their pastoral ministry assignments, because the financial pressures of ministry would no longer exist.

Christian Home Business Recommendation

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has initiated new guidelines regarding selling products or even making financial recommendations online, which is a good thing in my opinion.

So when making the following Christian Home Business Recommendation, I must include the following statement:

Advertisement Disclosure: I may receive compensation for any links to services or products below but that does not add any cost to the product or service. Affiliate marketing is simply a method for people like you and me to earn income on the internet.

Jim Cockrum has a podcast that features people who have started home businesses, using that business venture to support their ministries financially! Here is the link to the program that could do the same for you:

Jim Cockrum's Silent Sales Machine Podcast.

Remember to do your due diligence and make sure you talk to your spouse if you are married. You should pray for God's guidance in these types of decisions too. 

And finally, when you make a decision for starting your home-based venture, it will be then that you will also need to purchase home office furniture.