She Wants Home Office Funiture But Her Home Office Design Includes A Remodel of My Brain

My wife wants quality home office furniture for our new home office, providing professionalism to our home based businesses.

She thinks that any good home office design includes a remodel of my brain by one of those home office organizers, someone to help me deal with clutter

Quality Home Office Furniture For Our Home Based Businesses

Sitting in front of me in our present home office is a drawing that my wife sketched that details what she wants in furnishing our home based business office.

She wants quality home office furniture, not cheaply made home office furniture.

Home Office Design Idea

Her home office design idea is simple-

  • functional and efficient use of space;
  • a modular home office layout;
  • home office furniture providing plenty of storage in our new home office;
  • and a remodel of my brain involving a home office organizer to help me deal with clutter.

Yep - Her Home Office Idea Includes A Home Office Organizer

The Home Office Layouts she has seen on the many DIY (Do it yourself) television programs she watches has a Home Office Organizer who forces people to throw out clutter. (I doubt that will be a career change I will pursue.)

So it isn't just quality home office furniture she wants for our home based businesses. Her concept of an efficient home office requires a home office organizer to redesign me, treating what she says is a horizontal surface allergy -- I tend to break out in piles on any horizontal surface within arms length!