Hospice Chaplain Career
- Understand Hospice Chaplain Job Description
- Be Able To Use Hospice Software

When Chaplains Experience Burnout

A hospice chaplain needs to understand that the hospice chaplain job description includes being able to use hospice software to document spiritual care visits. I had given that simple message to the chaplains I oversaw many times.

Hospice software meant that I wrote loads of reports, part of the job description for a hospice chaplain as to spiritual care documentation.

Of course understanding the hospice chaplain job description and actually performing the duties of a chaplain are often worlds apart.

Hospice Software and Computerization

I confess I did not do a very good job attempting to please Medicare in my spiritual care documentation, especially once we became computerized in our medicare mandated reports.

Ability to work with hospice software for fulfilling patient documentation expectations is a crucial part of the hospice chaplain's job description.

One of the challenges I offer to those wanting to become a chaplain is that they examine their ability to do "paperwork" or charting pastoral care interventions.

You see, most people called to ministry want to help people, not write detailed reports. Please understand that charting your spiritual care visits is expected and using the computer is part of the hospice chaplain's duties.

I had fired several chaplains for not meeting the requirements to document their pastoral care visits. Eventually it came my turn to become a terminated hospice chaplain. The truth is being fired from my chaplaincy position and experiencing chaplain burnout took place about the same time.

Yes, a chaplain career is a great ministry career opportunity but if you have difficulty with organizing yourself or are challenged by chaplain documentation, especially medicare charting expectations, you may want to explore other chaplaincy career options.

Career Change From Hospice Chaplain To Internet Chaplain

I have no doubts I deserved to be fired. While my patient load increased to over 75 patients, I was depleted physically and emotionally from 14 hour days. My wife was actually relieved when I announced to her my termination from my hospice chaplain job.

I made a career change, going from hospice chaplain employment to self employment, choosing to become what I call an Internet Chaplain. I had written faith focused themed articles about career change, many articles on how to become a chaplain.

Attempting to make money blogging as an internet chaplain, I enjoyed the thrill of writing blog entries. For example, written in January 2005, my blog postings were often described hospice career opportunities.

What did I blog about on a page with the title of 200501? Blogs about my chaplaincy career, including necessary training, and some of my ministry experiences working in hospice as a chaplain.

Blogs About Affiliate Marketing Strategy

While a hospice chaplain by day, I was an internet chaplain by night (or early morning), attempting to support my ministry habit by writing web page articles promoting businesses or products, with links to companies selling their products on the internet.

Just learning these marketing efforts in order to fund my new web based home business, this blog article reflected that I did not really understand affiliate marketing strategy.

Learning about How To Use Public Domain Books and Magazines helped me understand how to create an income stream by writing career focused reports and articles featuring information people are searching the internet for.

InfoPublishing As An Internet Chaplain

As an information publisher I found I could build an online business based upon what I know. By the way, you can do the same thing, writing articles about whatever it is you have passion for (from work experience, hobbies, passions, travel experiences, even challenges such as living with a specific disease). Click on Becoming An Internet Publisher for more information.

I Now Enjoy Writing Reports

Who would have guessed my journey from burned out hospice chaplain to turned on information publisher. By the way, I made the transition from blogging to building theme based websites for several reasons.

The primary reason is that I am far too unorganized to write blogs consistently. I had been warned that even if the subject matter was something I was passionate about, blogging demands day in could be taxing on me.

I sensed that I needed to start a new blogging approach after I read Blog or Build Themed Websites. Adapting a new blogging strategy for this Career Focused Website has given me peace of mind now that the need to post another blog article.

I decided that this page, with the webpage title of 200501 should be rewritten. That means that I do not have a dated blog entry for January 2005.

It is now a page that will be found because of the blogging information I discovered when reading Blogging Explained For Peace of Mind.

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