Hospice Chaplain Duties In The Hospice Chaplain Job Description

Hospice chaplain duties pertain to the end of life needs of not only dying patients, but also their families, caregivers, community, and even the interdisciplinary medical team.

Hospice is more than just providing medical interventions during the end of life. The goal of Hospice care is to enable patients to die with dignity, without pain, which includes meeting spiritual needs and social needs.


The Hospice Chaplain meets these spiritual care responsibilities in the context of community, which includes each person touched by the death of the hospice patient.

Perhaps the following chaplain job description will be useful in defining the role of hospice chaplain when meeting the spiritual care needs of patients facing end of life.

• Serve as a member of one or more Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) and attend meetings.

• Complete spiritual assessment for patients admitted to Hospice care within four days of receiving referral from admitting RN Case Manager.

• Work with staff, clergy and community groups to enhance their sensitivity to the spiritual concerns of patients/families experiencing terminal illness or loss.

• Participate in patient care conferences by exploring and assessing the spiritual needs of patients/families.

• Maintain contact with community clergy regarding patients’ spiritual needs as needed.

• Manage the provision of bereavement services in accordance with hospice policies and Federal Hospice and State Hospice regulatory requirements.

• Maintain proper documentation of pastoral care visits to patients and their families.

• Perform occasional liturgical assignments such as the annual Service of Remembrance and monthly memorial services with staff.

• Conduct or makes arrangements for funeral or memorial services when requested.

• Develop and maintain a resource group of clergy to whom specific aspects of spiritual care may be delegated.

• Serve in on-call chaplaincy services when requested.

• Provide educational programs for hospice staff, community clergy, religious and lay representatives as appropriate.

• Other duties as assigned by the Director of Spiritual Care.

• Provide direct spiritual support and end of life counsel to patients and families in keeping with the spiritual beliefs of the patient and family.

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