Search Engine Shorthand: How Find Your Dream Career

Whether asking How find your dream career, or How to find your dream career, the search for a dream career is on the minds of many seeking to change careers with purpose.

Search engine entries regarding how people phrase their search reveals to me that many of us have the concept that there is a perfect career out there for us to find.

Whether shortening the phrase to "how find your dream career" or placing that extra word (to) by typing in "how to find your dream career", many considering career change seem to be looking for a dream career.

The Evasive Dream Career

Defining your dream career should begin by determining whether your dream career even exists.

Doing a search on how to find your dream career often proves difficult or even impossible because the term "dream" has so many variables.

How you find your dream career will begin with defining just what it is in your career change search you are searching for. In other words, what to you makes a career your "dream" career.

Searching For A Non-existent Perfect Career?

Dream career for some refers to a perfect job without employment problems or job stress pressure. Sorry to disappoint you, but such a career choice does not exist.

Every meaningful career that exists will have difficult people to deal with or troubling aspects to address.

So, does your desire to discover your dream career come from a fantasy that there is a perfect, problem free career of your dreams?

Or is your dream career pursuit based on a concept in which "dream career" is a career, even with loads of problems and difficulties, fulfills your God=given purpose for life.

Jobs Exist Because of Problems To Solve

Jobs or careers exist simple because there are difficult problems to solve or difficult people to help. Careers evolve out of the problems people have.

People's ignorance and lack of knowledge are what prompt educational careers.

  • It makes no sense for those in education to complain that they dislike their job because people are so dumb!
  • Pastors cannot complain about their career because people are so sinful and professional counselors gripe that if people would only cope, their jobs would be a whole lot easier.
  • Doctors would sound silly if the reason voiced for dissatisfaction with their chosen healthcare profession was because of all the sick people they have to see.

Pursuing Your Dream Career Begins Within

Voicing your job dissatisfaction or career frustrations does not mean you should not pursue your dream career.

In fact, that inner feeling of career frustration could signal you to pursue serious career exploration.

How? Find your dream career from within. Defining your purpose for life will often prompt an inner God-given desire to change careers.

I believe inner dissatisfaction with your present career could be God's career guidance system at work, prompting your search on how to find your dream career. Thus we could call it a purpose driven dream career, possibly launching your change career journey into what would be your dream career.