How To Become A Chaplain Means Having A Masters Degree, Then Chaplain Certification

How To Become A Chaplain

How to become a chaplain and other questions about becoming a chaplain are often asked me, both in the online world and offline as well. In fact how to become a chaplain is the most asked question I receive on this career focused website.

Having A Masters Degree A
Must For Professional Chaplains

Education requirements top the concerns people have, because obtaining a masters degree is absolutely necessary for most chaplain jobs. This educational requirement often leads to inquiries about online colleges and universities.

Then there are those who are not prepared to learn that becoming a chaplain requires a graduate degree. I do not make the rules, I am just a retired chaplain offering career advice to those wanting to expand their ministry.

How To Become An Online Chaplain

Becoming a chaplain has been the most fulfilling ministry career choice of my 40 plus years of pastoral ministry and so sharing details about educational requirements and chaplain certification gives me great joy if it helps someone find a fulfilling ministry career in chaplaincy.

I am now retired and have status as a Board Certified Chaplain, Retired Status. Yet this website demonstrates that I am NOT retired from ministry in that there have been months with over 30,000 visits from people wanting to know how to change careers.

I refer to my online chaplain career as being an Internet Chaplain. It is interesting to me that I have never had anyone ask How To Become An Internet Chaplain.

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More Chaplain Career Questions

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Becoming a chaplain is a career change that requires specialized chaplain training that results in chaplain certification by a recognized chaplaincy certifying board, and being a board certified chaplain is often a requirement for being hired as a chaplain.

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More Articles On How To Become A Chaplain

As a result of the chaplaincy terms used in the search engines the following chaplain career topics are addressed.

Let me point out that I do not represent any chaplaincy organization nor can I get you chaplain employment. I am simply a retired chaplain who is sharing chaplain career informationon the internet.

By the way, please do NOT send personal resumes because I do not hire chaplains. My role is to suggest chaplain career ideas.

My prayer is that God will bless you as you explore chaplain career information in your search for chaplaincy opportunities.

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