Begin your information search for intelligent results with Google

To perform a practical and profitable information search with intelligent results, begin with Google. Of course, you will then need to decipher the google information page result your search produces.

That is where "intelligent information search" comes into your search engine strategies -- your mind, coupled with your purpose, will produce intelligent search results.

As a good starting point, your goal in this internet search exercise is to do a practical company search for information that will enable you to effectively change your career with purpose or to help you develop a profitable home based business enterprise.

Ingredients In A Good Information Search

OK, You understand that your search engine strategy should yield practical answers for whatever course of action you want to take.

And you realize that you need to perform a good information search with these intelligent and practical results.

You want solid life applicable answers to your career change questions, purpose fulfilling answers such as:

  • How do you produce a purpose focused google information page, a practical and useful career focused result from your information search activity?
  • How do you implement a company search that finds solid career information, useful to changing your career or beginning a Christian home based business?

Google Information Page Result Search

To perform your career information search begin with Google. Of course, to get what would be classified as intelligent results, you will need to decipher millions of search findings, analyzing your discoveries.

From that career focused search you will have some solid career change information to help you develop strategy for what I call your Change-Career-With-Purpose journey.


Making Your Information Search Intelligent

You need information! Basic career change information, gleaned from a good search engine strategy. Obtaining wisdom and knowledge is a skill to be mastered in finding and fulfilling God's purpose for life and career.

Searching for career focused information has become transformed by the internet and its search engines.

Whether you are seeking to begin a home based business or simply find out what the best paying careers are, the internet has made the task of finding career and employment information so much easier than previous generations could do it.

Yet, there are some challenges in finding job opportunities and career focused resources, producing search results numbering in the millions.

The problem is that most of us barely scratch the surface of what's possible in our searching activities. We just type a word (2.6 words, on average) into that all too familiar search bar and we expect search engine magic.

Somehow, our search engine strategies don't work quite as well as we'd like.

If you are like me, we expect and want more. Well...

Search It! is here! Search It! is based upon a tool used by owners of Site Build It! like myself (sponsor of the free, public version that is just a mouse click away)... has culled the Net for the best, most useful searches available. The goal was not to provide an exhaustive list -- because over 300 decent searches could have been included.

They've organized approximately 100 specific searches (Search Types) into 18 ecommerce-oriented Search Categories. Each category offers a specific menu of Search Types. The search results deliver brief tutorials about how to get the most out of each Search Type (except for certain "straight searches").

The result? Search It! is the only ecommerce-related search tool that you will most likely ever need. Click on Search It! one of the most phenomenal ebusiness tools.

It is suggested that you keep it open in the upper corner of your monitor, for 24 x 7 access... instant info-mining of the Web, at your fingertips. (I just checked my Windows taskbar and it is still up and running.)

Suppose you are exploring Christian jobs, focusing on church musician jobs. You would do a Christian jobs information search (intelligent information seekers would enter the term church musician jobs.)

One of the websites with that Christian jobs theme that would appear on your search results page would be with this title: "Church musician jobs improves your heart and your art. Find help to enhance your craft as a church musician".

This is the kind of results that could help the musician doing a church employment job search find viable church musician jobs.

A Powerful Tool That Provides Company Search Information

Search It! is actually the only ecommerce-related search tool that you will ever need.

Just keep it open in the upper corner of your monitor, for 24 x 7 access and instant info-mining of the Web.

  • Every search you could ever want, all in one spot
  • A Google like information page will result from your employment search activity

  • You can find from your searching the valuable and pinpointed business information with accuracy
  • Do a company search and find information

You now have a career information search with intelligent results, such as:

  • a business background search for information on how ethical or profitable a company is
  • A city search providing best towns for specific careers, valuable information when changing careers or starting a business
  • A search for resume resources to improve your chances for being hired once you locate what you consider to be ideal career employment opportunities
  • Now give it a try by clicking on this valuable searching tool:

    Search It