Inspirational Messages For A New Calendar Year

by Lee Dowdy
( Someone Whose Calendar Prompts A Deeper and More Consistent Prayer Life)

Prayer Life Up To Date?

Prayer Life Up To Date?

Calendars With Inspirational Messages

As we approach a New Year, Inspirational Calendars and even Daily Organizers catch our attention.

Most of us enjoy inspirational quotes to help us do a better job in time management and life organization.

These quotations of great Christian leaders in a calendar format present us with challenging messages in the context of planning our daily lives.

Motivational Quotes Inspire Purposeful Living

There are many time related quotations that are meant to motivate us in daily disciplines.

There are funny Christian quotes that make us chuckle, perhaps even laugh out loud. The therapy of humor is always a welcome friend in the daily grind of life.

Motivational Quotations That Challenge Us

The church sign message that caught the attention of this drive by learner combined two truths that also included tweaking our conscience regarding the subject of our personal prayer life.

7 Days Without Prayer Makes One Weak!

Just in case you missed the point of this church sign message, the humor (and biting truth) of this church sign quotation is that the concepts of one week being 7 days is coupled with the another word, weak, providing us a pithy quote that going without a daily personal devotional life invites spiritual mediocrity.

So let this time management message motivate you to spend time in prayer each day of the week.

If the learning how to pray effectively portion of your prayer life is in need of help, you can buy books on establishing a consistent prayer life.

But eventually you need to just quit planning to pray consistently, even quit reading how to pray, and just start praying.

To help you get started, life will present you the very problems and difficulties you need to prompt you to seek God's grace and power to face.

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