Life Coaching And Beyond: Become A Life Coach

Defining Life Coaching And Beyond

Become a life coach to help those needing career change advice and career coaching. That was the suggestion a friend of mine offered me in my own career change search.

One search term finding this career focused site was life coaching and beyond. I began to explore just what beyond might mean for those exploring life coaching and career coaching.

Now I suppose it could be the corporate name of a life coaching business but the term beyond intrigued me from a Christian perspective.

Used with life coaching, beyond could also refer to delving deeply into all that is necessary to become a life coach.

For example, life coaching business best practices would certainly take life coaches beyond just the basic concepts of coaching.

Career And Life Coaching Education And Certification Issues

Life coach educational requirements would be another "beyond" topic for those exploring a life coaching career.

In fact, this is one of the key issues addressed by life coaching certification organizations.

One life coaching organization, the 48 Days Coaching Connection, takes a unique approach to Career and Life Coaching education and certification.

Perhaps a comparison between becoming a chaplain and becoming a life coach would be helpful.

Often people contact me wanting more information on how to become a chaplain.

Many do not have the basic chaplaincy requirements needed for chaplaincy employment in the health care field.

When I tell they them must have a Masters of Divinity degree, be ordained by their faith group, and take Clinical Pastoral Education, they often get angry with me, as if I was the one who has established the criteria for becoming a professional chaplain.

What I now suggest is that they explore Life coaching and beyond that, to analyze life coaching and career coaching from a Christian life coaching perspective.

In suggesting they look into becoming a life coach or career coach, I am trying to guide them to a career with purpose that may not have the educational certification requirements made upon those seeking a professional chaplain career.

Perhaps you too are one who is interested in a life coaching career.

What Life Coaching And Beyond Is Not

Some may think that Life Coaching is a Counseling Career. But it should be noted that coaching can be quite different than counseling.

In fact, the areas of coaching are very diverse and the qualifications are often that person simply be proficient in a given area, having the capacity to communicate their coaching expertise with confidence. Dan Miller states:"I have encountered many, many people over the last 17 years who were obviously competent and excited about moving others along to higher levels of success (the beyond of life coaching) - but were unable to be "licensed" because of antiquated laws regarding counseling."

Each state is different but most do require at least a Masters degree and then some additional process in order to be licensed as a counselor.

An Example Of Life Coaching And Beyond

The beyond aspect of life coaching is seen in the different approach offered by the 48 Day Coaching Connection.

Miller states that while he has a Masters degree in clinical psychology and completed his doctoral studies in religion and society, he has chosen not to pursue a professional counseling license.

Concerning licensing for professional counselors, he states: "I think there is a certain connotation connected with being a licensed professional counselor - and frankly, that's not how I want to be viewed."

In contrast to being a professional mental health counselor, Miller sees being a life coach as being much more positive and upbeat, emphasizing that forward movement and excellence are the goals.

Thus, the concept of life coaching and beyond is to take people into the future instead of having them face the past.

Become A Life Coach For A Career With Purpose

Miller concludes by saying "We have people coming on as coaches who have amazing backgrounds as business leaders, pastors, and counselors."

He states that "Many life coaching candidates have already proven their passion for and ability to coach."

The uniqueness of the 48 Days Coaching Approach is how they present Life Coaching 101 series, helping potential life coaches get a clear grasp of the basic coaching and business principles.

They do so in a way that will prepare life coaches and career coaches for a professional coaching career. Becoming a life coach is a career change option for those wanting to help others be all they can be by the grace of God.