Masters Degree Question

by Lyn
(Raleigh, NC )

Do I have to have a Divinity Degree? or a Masters in Divinity?

I am an active lay person with a strong and growing faith.

Caring for older adults has become a passion through experiences and prayer.

How should I proceed?

Dear Lyn:

Seems you are exploring vocational careers working with older adults. Since you asked about if you need a Divinity Degree or a Masters in Divinity, the answer is yes if your aim is to be a board certified chaplain.

Most hospice chaplain positions require a Masters of Divinity degree or equivalent.

But if your calling is to work with older adults, perhaps you should explore other career options working with the elderly.

Why not visit several retirement communities or skilled nursing facilities to learn what career opportunities exist working with the elderly.

Perhaps some of you reading this have suggestions as to how Lyn can proceed in careers that focus on the elderly.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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