Ministry Careers - - Touching Lives With God's Love

For those already in ministry careers here is some good news. There are literally hundreds of ministries through which you can share God's love!

For some new ministry career opportunities, returning to college may be required. Fortunately, earning online college degrees is possible through distance learning.

When contemplating changing careers, think of all the possible ministry careers that you could do.

Ministry careers means you are serving God by serving people. Yes,the good news is that there are many ministry careers to consider!

Career Change For Pastors

Pastors are some of my favorite people! As a boy, pastors were my heroes. When I was a young teen, I decided I wanted to be a pastor. And that desire became my call to ministry (see I Timothy 3:1).

I served for over 30 years pastoring local churches. My best friends are pastors as are many of my relatives. One of my goals when I became a chaplain was to be a pastor to pastors.

I am convinced that providing pastoral care is a very special privilege for the one whom people call "Pastor". I also believe that we have place too much emphasis on the position of pastor rather than the function of shepherding.

Perhaps you are presently serving as a pastor to a local church and you find yourself considering other ministry options.

Let me encourage you to step out in faith if God is calling you to a new ministry career. Great spiritual leaders have done so with great effectiveness and ministry fulfillment.

For example, to take a look at how a musician expanded a ministry of compassion by combining his musical talents with pastoral care by becoming a hospice chaplain enabling him to reach hundreds of people a day with the Love of God.

Unfortunately there will always be those who will say that you are leaving the ministry when no longer ministering in a local church.

But in truth, you, like the "singing chaplain" may be expanding your ministry opportunities far beyond what you have ever experienced!

Let me encourage you to explore chaplaincy as a ministry career option. My life has been greatly enriched by responding to a friends suggestion that I consider chaplaincy as a possible career.

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Just remember that you are pleasing God, not people. Some of the greatest ministries and ministry careers in history were the result of a faith-filled decision by someone said to have "left the ministry".

For those exploring ministry careers, you will find that a ministry career is indeed a career with purpose. You are touching lives with God's love.

In my new ministry career as a chaplain, I have been amazed at what God is doing in my life and ministry.

For example, one of the most memorable moments before retiring as a hospice chaplain was when a Catholic Church symbol resulted in a A Miracle of Grace For 30 years I was called "Pastor Paul", a title that I loved because it reminded me of my role and ministry.

After serving my last congregation for 13 years, I felt God leading me what I now call a decision to change careers with purpose.

For me, allowing God to expand my ministry career beyond being a local pastor brought me great fulfillment as I purposed to help others be all they could be through the grace of God.