A Ministry Website With Purpose Meets Needs Yet Can Earn Income

Making Websites That Are Both Ministry And Business

Making a website with purpose can be a profitable endeavor. Yet for some it seems the internet is just for online stores like Amazon or Apple Computers.

The truth is that there are even church websites that have discovered that people's needs can be met through their internet ministry yet earn income through their online efforts.

I am often surprised to hear some people say that funding a ministry through online marketing strategies is wrong. Those same critics have no problem when passing the collection plates for funding mission projects, collecting funds that will purchase airline tickets and be spent in airport restaurants.

Funding Ministry Through Websites With Purpose

I now consider myself an Internet Chaplain (I am a Board Certified Chaplain, Retired Status, Through the Association of Professional Chaplains). I started this particular website as a ministry to suggest career change options for pastors who were thinking about leaving the ministry.

By the way, concepts like leaving ministry seem silly to me after my chaplain career, serving in hospitals, government institutions, and as a hospice chaplain.

The reason that concepts like dropping out of ministry don't make sense to me is that I met former pastors whose ministry was now meeting far more needs than they had ever done serving in a local church as a pastor.

You see, I see the term pastor as a function rather than a position. And yes, being called to ministry to fulfill the pastoral role is one way to provide pastoral care. Yet that function can be met through internet endeavors too, such as building need meeting websites.

Anyone Can Launch Internet Based Ministry Sites

Several of my relatives and friends cannot understand how money can be made on the internet through websites, yet they order products on Amazon all the time.

Those same people think nothing of buying airline tickets online, even for mission projects, yet ask me "How can people make money online through the internet?"

One of the best ways to fund ministries is through affiliate marketing strategies, meaning you sell other people's products through links from your site to theirs.

Become An Outstanding Writer And Make Money Doing So

First, let me say that I have paid for books as a pastor and chaplain throughout my career. When struggling with raising teenagers I purchased books from Christian bookstores and ministries like Focus On The Family.

In other words, there was a monetary exchange from me to the author or publisher. They did not pay me to buy the book. The writer was the one receiving the money for the book. Seems to me a great way to make money online would be to become an author.

I will be adding some of the best online tools for making money on the internet, and yes, this is one way to fund ministry that you can do as well.

May God bless you richly financially in doing good through the internet. The Lord knows there is more money earned through what I consider evil than we could ever imagine.

Why not counteract that through your own income producing strategies while meeting the heartfelt needs of those living in a broken world?

Examples of Need Meeting Websites With Purpose