Missionary Funding Ideas For Creatively Funding A Missionary

The Search For Missionary Funding

Recently I noticed that this ministry career change website had been visited hundreds of times by those searching the internet for missionary funding.

In contrast I have some pages on this website that were found over 2300 times during a given month so the need for missionary funding information is not a pressing need for most people.

By the way, here is a resource for Bible useful for anyone taking a missions trip:

(And yes, I do receive commissions when website visitors click on an advertisement on this site and purchase products through me, which is how I fund my ministry)
Unless you are a missionary, that is. If so, this may be a blessed day indeed as you explore new ideas for financially supporting your ministry.

Why The Interest In Funding For Missions

Perhaps your interest in missions funding is one of financial survival. As a career missionary you feel called to make a difference in our world and your financial support is drying up.

You need to find ideas for funding missions if you are to continue fulfilling God's call to impact your world. I have some out-of-box ideas to support mission endeavors that could make it possible to continue your ministry without the pressure of raising funds.

Funding For Missionaries You Love And Support

Another reason for interest in funding a missionary is that your personal relationship to someone serving in world missions, a person you feel called to support as they fulfill their call to missions.

Again, my ideas for raising support are non-traditional in that they are internet based ministry funding ideas. You see, I too have relatives whose missionary careers have covered the better part of 50 years.

In fact I noticed that this website was searched 2 times for Larry Webb missionary and 2 times for Larry Webb Nazarene Missionary. Larry and Judy Webb are brother-in-law and sister to me. Who knows? Maybe they were looking to see if I wrote anything about them and their Maverick Work and Witness Program in Bolivia and Paraguay.

Mission Funding Ideas In The Internet Age

How can the internet be used for raising funds for missionaries is a question I have pondered in these financially challenging times. Interesting that we call it the world wide web and refer to world missions in the same sentence.

Why not combine these two concepts in funding world missions is a question I have often asked my brother-in-law, Nazarene missionary Larry Webb.

Creatively Funding Missions

Larry and Judy have led special mission construction projects for the past 15 or 20 years, and have a tremendous need for finding funding for missionary projects. Raising funds for their special mission building projects is closer than you think is what I tell my out-of-the-box thinking brother-in-law.

Hey, you have already released your creativity in developing your Maverick Work and Witness Program. Why not write a book about the process and sell it to those who need to learn an entirely new concept in building churches and clinics on the mission field?

Harness the World Wide Web For Missions

Perhaps you too could profit from building a website in missionary funding. I would suggest you explore the suggestions made above in raising funds for missions and add to it one more mission funding resource.

Now I will tell you this is not a Christian website building tool any more than flying American Airlines is a world mission airline. We often use the services of secular companies to achieve missionary endeavors. Building a mission focused website is no different.

Funding missionaries is a passion that building a mission focused website could be built upon