A Navy Civilian Career = Three improbable words: Navy and civilian and career

A Navy civilian career may be one of those military careers most of us know nothing about. Yet the opportunity to work for the Navy as a civilian recenty caught my attention.

Further exploration, focusing on these US Navy civilian employment opportunities, revealed a multitude of federal civilian jobs.

Usually when careers in the Navy or other military branches are mentioned, it is in reference to military careers, rather than civilian careers.

Civilian Jobs In The Military

At one time in my chaplaincy career I received an email from a Navy chaplain notifying me of a chaplain job in a nearby Navy hospital. Included was a job description for a position for a chaplain/pastoral counselor.

I was surprised that the Navy is outsourcing many jobs to the civilian sector, covering a wide variety of occupations included in Navy civilian employment.

Navy Civilian Employment Opportunities

If you are thinking about a career change, working as a civilian for the Navy may just be the career opportunity to consider.

You will discover Navy federal civilian jobs seem very plentiful. The Navy civilian career website states that they currently employ nearly 200,00 civilians in a wide variety of occupations in support of our Department's mission.

A Wide Array Of Navy Federal Civilian Jobs

Appealing to both those considering US Navy civilian employment, the Department of the Navy aims their website at job candidates by listing a wide array of Navy federal civilian jobs.

They issue the following invitation to potential US Navy civilian personnel: "Set your sails in OUR direction for an exciting civilian career with the Department of the Navy. Whether you are looking for a challenging career or career advancement, you have come to the right place."

Civilian Jobs That Make A Difference

Should you be wondering if I applied for that Navy civilian chaplain position, I discovered they wanted a chaplain who had a Masters in Pastoral Counseling or a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling.

While I am a Board Certified Chaplain (retired status now), I have not completed a MFT degree, a program I started 2 years ago but have put on hold for the present time.

So a Navy civilian career for me seems out of reach. But that is why this website, "Change Career, With Purpose" exists. Perhaps it is you who should pursue a Navy civilian career.

You can begin your Navy civilian career by exploring what the Navy describes as "Civilian jobs that make a difference to our country and the world."

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A website focusing on a Navy civialian career could be in your future