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Suzanne Duni (Cornelius, NC) Needs Online Education Course Information

"Online Classes Offering Distance Education Seem To Be Available For Most Career Interests."

(Online Course Opportunities Everywhere For All Career Fields)

Online Classes Offering Distance Education Information Needed

Online classes opportunities seem offered through a lot of universities so my question is whether distance education is available for my specific career interest.

Online Educational Opportunities

While there are numerous questions about the kind of schooling needed to become a chaplain, I have one that involves online education.

Are there any online training courses that would lead to becoming a professional chaplain?

Online Educational Opportunities For Chaplains

Editor's reply: What online courses exists on the internet is the basic question.

Many universities have distance learning as do Seminaries with distance learning programs.

You can take all the coursework for undergraduate and postgraduate work, meaning you can get your Bachelor Degree and your Masters Degree online but there is one more step in chaplaincy career requirements.

As of yet I have not seen Online Clinical Pastoral Education course work offered YET.

I believe it just a matter of time when even the course work portion will be offered online. The clinical aspect of the training is of course on the job training, usually a hospital setting.

I believe eventually and perhaps now, local hospitals will contract with CPE centers for the clinical training needed for chaplaincy.

For now, check out the following source of Christian Online Courses as a starting point.

Christian College Online Courses

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