Online College Classes Offered For Years

by Online Learner
(University Of Hard Knocks)

Online College Classes Then And Now

Here is a unique distance learning lesson many of us received when online learning meant a long distance call from our key financial resource referred to as parents.

When It Comes To Distance Learning Online,
Calling Home Long Distance For Money Usually
Resulted In An Online Course On Economics!

Economic Lessons Through Distance Learning

This Online Finance Course, taught by Professor Dad, resulted in no credit at the College Of Hard Knocks, one of the largest learning institutions of all time.

Paying For Online College Classes From Accredited Colleges

Instead of Dad being your online resource of money to pay college expenses, try this resource.

Now Is the time to organize and plan the payment of your tuition fees.

Oh yes, I must share this message regarding financial matters: Federal law states I must declare that I may receive commissions from any links my visitors click on.

Since my ministry is supported through internet marketing, I gladly comply.

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