Exploring online income opportunity, Evaluating career change motivation, Launching an online Christian business

I want to share the steps I took for exploring online income opportunity; the process I used for evaluating career change motivation: and what was needed for launching an online Christian business.

What online income opportunity should I pursue?

As to the specific internet income opportunity that I would pursue, there were some decision making tools and techniques that I needed to implement before my online Christian business became reality.

The first online business criteria had to do with my website building skills. You see, I questioned my ability to even be online in the first place. I needed to be able to build a website and to do so at my present website building skill level?

The second criteria in my internet business pursuit is that my online business be based upon ethical principles. I have already learned that not everyone is ethical in their business practices.

I know, I know. . . that should be obvious. But somehow when we set out to develop an online Christian business, the word Christian seems to blind some of us as to the need for discerning the character or the intent of those with whom we do business.

In the anonymous world of the internet, we simply do not know who we are dealing with. Thus I have decided that when it comes to the term Christian, I am the only one for whom I can be responsible as to what that means and how I will live it out in the world of online business practice.

Just because someone claims to be a Christian or that their online business opportunity is an online Christian business opportunity does not make it so.

What I have discovered is that some of my greatest successes have come about by being in partnership with those whose character is simply founded upon ethical principles of doing right.

I don't even know what their faith background is, they are just good folk who believe in honest business practice and so offer an ethical online business opportunity.

In fact, I do not believe there is such a entity as a Christian business. There are businesses run by Christians or businesses that serve Christians but being Christian is a spiritual privilege reserved for people -- a description of those whose faith is in Christ. Just remember people are Christian, not businesses.

What career change motivation is leading me to develop an online Christian business?

The career change motivation that prompted my pursuit of a online income opportunity is pretty simple for me: I need to develop an income stream as I approach retirement age that enables me to survive financially.

I wish I could give you a glowing, spiritually sounding career change motivation leading me to develop an online Christian business venture.

The simple truth is that an online Christian business (remember the word Christian is descriptive of my faith, not my business) is a method to earn extra income as a Christian home based business (there's that term Christian business again).