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"Online programs offering masters degree appears to be more available so seems more doable now."

(Online Masters Program Searcher - Illinois )

Best Online Masters Program Guidance

I need to find online masters degree information so that I can complete my master's degree.

Also, any financial aid available for online masters programs would be helpful too.

One of my biggest regrets is not getting my masters degree. Back then it was not so easy but now there are online masters programs online, so it is much more doable.

Why I Want Masters Degree Information

I served as a pastor for 4 1/2 years, then burned out and haven't been back since, but I have done preaching, teaching, etc in churches I have attended.

I love to work with people, sharing encouragement from God's Word and so am considering a chaplaincy ministry, either hospital, nursing home or hospice.

I See Need For More Education Now. Can one find financial assistance for chaplaincy training and is there a chaplain training center near Champaign, Illinois that would provide this?

Any online master degree information you or your readers could offer would be appreciated, especially financial aid information.

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