Online New Car Guide

Online New Car Guide and Financial Peace

Finally, An Online New Car Guide that says "Don't buy a car online or from a dealership YET!". The question to ask is this: "Will the purchase of the latest model car help you achieve financial peace?".

What Would You Expect Of A New Car Guide?

An online new car guide that says don't buy new is a unique approach indeed. But for most of us (in the United States at least), at the top of my new car buying tips is wait til you can afford to pay cash! 

The reason to not buy new is that new cars eat up money that should be saved for retirement! So a good question to ask is "How much could be saved for retirement if you did not have car payments?"

An Online Car Buying Guide Recommends Avoiding A New Car Purchase

What kind of auto buying guide recommends those with new car fever not buy the latest model? I confess I have been influenced by Dave Ramsey's car buying advice.

Yes, Dave Ramsey critics are everywhere but I don't hear those who have taken Dave Ramsey's financial advice criticize his car buying recommendations.

Just remember the goal is to get out of debt and then build wealth for the future. That is when you will be able to purchase any luxury model vehicle you want!

Sell The Stupid Car An Often Heard Dave Ramsey Quote

He is not the only financial advisor who recommends avoiding the purchase of a new vehicle, be it a truck, van, SUV, or Hybrid.

But if you have ever heard him on radio or TV, you know that Sell The Stupid Car is one of Ramsey's favorite new car buying tips.

Most people calling the Dave Ramsey Show on Fox Business Network are deep in debt and most likely have an upside down car loan.

They will then hear this Dave Ramsey car advice -- sell the car and even take out a loan for the amount owing after you sell it for its present value.

Kind of tough to have a car loan on a car you don't even own anymore but many who have done so say they were able to achieve financial peace by by following Dave's recommendation.

Change Your Concept Of New Car Ratings

New car ratings seem pretty simple for those of us who feel we must buy new car now. Our rating system for purchasing the new car should be on a scale of 1 to 10 as to whether we can really afford the expenses of that new car purchase.

My new car review of past vehicle purchases always led to this conclusion: new car values will drop immediately just driving it off the car lot.

A car review to me means more than an exercise to compare new car prices. Look back and analyze your car buying decision in light of building wealth over a lifetime.

What Are The Best Deals On New Cars

Ask me what the best deals on new cars are and I would say the best car purchase deal that you can make is paying cash for your new car! Impossible you say.

Most likely which is why we should buy used cars until the day comes we can buy any new car we want out of our wealth.

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