Online Used Car Guide

"An online used car guide explores how needing a new auto prompts you to compare new car prices to used car prices, and ultimately ask how they fit into your wealth building strategy."

A Unique Online Used Car Guide

This online used car guide would feature a used car review for successfully buying used cars but in the context of financial peace and achieving financial wealth.

An online car purchase guide should include vehicle buying tips for consumers buying preowned cars, but doing so as part of your lifetime wealth accumulation.

Used car websites (and new car sites) are rampant on the internet. They, of course, are usually advertising and selling used cars online, not helping the consumer achieve lifetime wealth.

Someday I plan to have a used car website that is different in that the car buying tips will focus on personal wealth building rather than simply presenting steps to buying used cars.

Had I invested the money I spent on buying those used cars I felt I absolutely had to have would find me at a far different financial situation.

I Am A Used Car Expert Just Like You

My credentials for writing an online used car guide include decades of poor car buying decisions over my lifetime. I suppose you too have used car regrets involving stupid car purchases.

I consider myself an expert in paying used car prices far beyond the used car values established by Edmunds used car prices or NADA blue book for buying used cars.

A Different Used Car Review Site

Those in the used car market would expect a used car review to list various makes of cars and explore the pros and cons of purchasing a specific used car brand.

On my proposed website,, my used car review will be to look back on the used car sales made to me and ask "Did purchasing those used cars help me financially or hurt me in my wealth building strategies?".

Used Car Ratings and Used Car Buying Tips

Used car ratings usually have to do with used car prices compared to used car values. But what if a used car ratings had to do with categories like stupid used car deals and dumb car buying mistakes?

Anyone upside down in financing a car will most likely use my used car rating system over those comparing one used car with another.

A Used Car Website Focusing On Building Wealth

Most used car websites deal with used car prices, might offer a used car search, and offer used car information. But any information about pre-owned vehicles is of value only if it helps you in your personal finance strategies.

My goal as a used car buyer is financial peace while most used car dealers are into increasing their used car sales.

So my used car buying tips will focus on how purchasing a used car wisely now will help you achieve financial wealth and then in the future you can buy any new car you desire, doing so with cash.