Organ Donor

by Beverly Clutter from Fairmont, WV

Registered nurse combines organ donation concept with Christian truth to present church sign saying.

(From A Registered Nurse Who Sees The Spiritual Needs Of Patients Too!)

Nurse Combines Medical and Spiritual Concepts

For those who who have chosen a nursing career, Church sign sayings often make a spiritual impact.

This is especially true when they combine two unrelated concepts, and when combined, make a powerful statement of truth.

Hospice Chaplain Blessed by Christian Nurse

From my perspective as a health care chaplain, I consider a nursing career as indeed one with purpose.

When the healing purpose of the nursing profession is combined with the spiritual purpose of a compassionate Christian, the healing impact of that Christian nurse is phenomenal.

Often in my role as a hospice chaplain, I witnessed Christian nurses fulfilling their healing purpose as they cared for our end of life patients.

A Registered Nurse Challenged By Church Sign Message

The following church sign quote reveals the healing and spiritual purposes of a Christian nurse:

Be an organ donor, give Jesus your heart.

I can see how one serving as a member of the medical profession would appreciate a message that focuses on both faith and life.

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