A Pastor Appreciation Day Idea: Pay Your Pastor Tribute By Writing A Pastor Appreciation Poem.

Your Pastor Appreciation Day Idea Prompter

Think of me as your pastor appreciation idea prompter. After 36 years of pastoral ministry I am convinced that a healthy church is one which knows how show pastor appreciation effectively.

Pastor Appreciation Poems A Popular Way To Show Pastor Appreciation

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How Can I Use These Facts To Promote Pastor Appreciation Day?

Obviously you, as loving people from congregations worldwide, want to pay tribute to your pastor. So you visit this website searching for pastor appreciation day ideas. And I am thrilled that you have visited looking for pastor appreciation day ideas.

What is interesting to me is that even though the official pastor appreciation month is in October, people have made pastor appreciation poems their number 1 search item for this site each month of the year.

So here are my pastor appreciation suggestions:

Make every day pastor appreciation day

  • Pay your pastor tribute every opportunity you get
  • Start writing your pastor appreciation poems in anticipation of Pastor Appreciation Month in October.

My Pastor Appreciation Strategy To Promote Creative Pastor Appreciation Day Ideas

I am producing a pastor appreciation website to highlight pastor appreciation ideas. Unfortunately I am far to busy in my day job, that of being a hospice chaplain, to pull everything together.

In other words, I need your help. Do you have any ideas I could use to develop a website devoted to pastor appreciation? Now be patient with me as I prepare for October Pastor Appreciation Month but I would like to hear from you as to how to offer encouragement for pastors as well as encouragement to pastors.

Share your pastor appreciation day ideas on giving encouragement to the pastor by going to Pastor Appreciation Ideas and submit your article on what was successful in your pastor appreciation efforts.

Prepare to share your pastor appreciation ideas by writing down your ideas that you want to share.

Go ahead and brag about your church. Lord knows we need to hear good reports about how churches honor their pastor.