Pastor Appreciation Poems Led To A Career Change!

Finding Pastor Appreciation Poems

You have been given the assignment to find pastor appreciation poems or perhaps a pastor anniversary poem. Because pastors are my spiritual heroes, I think poetry is a great way to pay tribute to pastors!

Poetry Software For Writing Original Poems

In searching for appreciation poems you wanted poetry that is original. Why not be the author of that original poetry?

There is poetry writing software to help you express a tribute to your pastor through verse.

Rhymer is poetry writing software that will express your gratitude for your pastor through verse. To explore how writing poetry for pastor appreciation can be original verse, See what Write Express offers:

Advertisement Disclosure: I may receive compensation for any links to services or products below but that does not add any cost to the product or service. Affiliate marketing is simply a method for people like you and me to earn income on the internet.

Rhymer, Poetry Writing Software To Write Your Pastor Appreciation Poems.

Resources To Write Pastor Appreciation Poems

Perhaps the first place to look is within yourself! Writing poems for the pastor may not have entered your mind but I discovered the product above to make poetry writing easier.

Another resource for writing original verse is your home church resident poet. You may be surprised at the talent withing your congregation and poetry just could be the special gift someone who loves your pastor too would enjoy sharing.

Recently I was talking to another resident of the senior mobile home park I live in, only to discover she has written hundreds of Christian poems throughout her life.

My next challenge is help her publish her poetry in order to provide churches wanting to honor pastors with one more resource.

Church Focused Website For
Pastor Appreciation Ideas

You might want to check out another website I started that is dedicated to Pastor Appreciation Ideas.

Fulfilling my purpose to help people be all they can be through the grace of God applies to developing websites with purpose too.

A New Career Change for Me: Becoming a Publisher

While ministry focused websites have been a great ministry tool for me in reaching people all over the world, I now have reached retirement age and have begun focusing on writing as a ministry.

So my decision on becoming a published author lead me to also start my own publishing company, Amazing Grace Press.

If you too have a desire to reach people throughout the world, I recommend writing you own books as a way to share the Good News of the Gospel. 

Amazon has made this whole process easy with its Kindle Publishing Platform and I am not only writing books myself, I am publishing Christian books too. 

The recommendation below must include this Ad Disclosure Statement: I may earn a commission if you click on the link. For me, doing so opened up a new world of being a Christian Entrepreneur.

One resource that helped me realize this was a possibility was reading Jim Cockrum's Silent Sales Machine.  More than just a program to make money online, Jim has established a community of entrepreneurs, most of whom use the Internet to not only earn an income but to support mission projects and ministries through their efforts. 

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