Pastor Jobs: Even After You Become A Pastor,
Work For Yourself Through An Online Income Opportunity

Pastor Jobs To Generate Income Through The Internet

Pastor jobs to me refer to second income opportunities to supplement the financial needs of pastors. Many of us, in becoming a pastor, assumed our financial support would come from a local congregation.

Of course, to make this financial support assumption (that a local church or congregation is your resource for income) means you have cheated yourself out of the Ultimate Resource For Finances and Income, God Himself.

Because God has gifted you and me and blessed us with incredible abilities, I have discovered how those abilities can be used to release my pastoral ministry efforts to the world.

Google AdSense Primer For Pastor Jobs Online

Google Adsense has been very kind to me and has been my number one method of earning income on the internet.

In my estimation, there is no better Google Ad Sense Guide than

Key Evoy's Adsense Primer.

As an Introduction to the Solo Build It! Google AdSense Series, the Primer is an education in itself in understanding how to develop an Adsense earning strategy:

The Google AdSense program is very easy to use, and a simple way to add another income stream to your e-business's bottom line. The AdSense series, beginning with this primer, will help you determine whether AdSense is right for you, and, if it is, help you turn it into a consistent money-maker for your site.

For me Pastor Jobs Online means building a successful internet business that supports me financially.

By initiating these internet income strategies on theme based websites, these sites have also enabled me to minister to nearly 30,000 site visitors each month coming from over 50 world area.

After 30 plus years of being a pastor, I now see pastor jobs as the God-given yet self generating efforts pastors take on to supplement their incomes.

In fact, I believe that pastors can get to the place of financial freedom whereby they return the local church income, freeing the church to use those funds for other staff or mission projects.

I often wished I could have been the biggest financial supporter in the church because no one else was more aware of all the financial needs were not addressed. (Now that I think of it, I may have been the biggest supporter of some of those churches, but that isn't saying much.)

Tentmakers Create Income To Support Their Ministry Habit

The concept of being a tent maker comes from the activities of the Apostle Paul seen Acts 18:3 in the New Testament.

For Apostle Paul, his occupation was as a tent maker by trade. It seems he relied upon this tent making trade to generate an income stream so that he could fulfill God's call to ministry.

Over the centuries since, a person becoming a pastor has often relied upon a trade to raise their own support in order to serve others as a spiritual shepherd. So I see pastor jobs as those income generating skills employed to supplement a pastor's income.

While many vocational trades have provided help for pastors financially, the Internet age now offers pastors some exciting income producing possibilities.

Unfortunately these internet based pastor jobs are often missed by local church pastors whose financial needs require they work.

Somehow, in the USA at least, that a pastor should work in a vocational setting outside a church position has often been considered an unfortunate necessity.

I challenge that type of thinking and feel strongly that tent making will once again be the method chosen for a pastors financial support.

Pastors Needing A Job Should Consider An Online Income Opportunity

The good news is that self employment opportunities abound to create an income stream beyond the pastor's church salary.

Becoming a pastor is often a financial challenge to very creative people who may think they should not attempt to create an online income opportunity.

I have discovered that the internet offers financial help for pastors through their own internet business.

Owning your own internet based business is actually a DIY job for pastors (DIY = do it yourself). Building website businesses on the internet creates an online income and also allows the pastor to minister through the internet.

Produce Christian Entrepreneurs Who Support Your Ministry

Not only can you expand the meaning of Pastors jobs through building your own theme based website business, you can help your parishioners develop their own income producing website business.

Through the 5 Pillar Program, called one of "the best income producing programs using the Internet," you can help those who are serious entrepreneurs make a great build a solid internet income.

For more information, click on Help Others Earn

Yes, there are certainly other ways to harness the internet to produce an income stream to fund your ministry, but for me building income producing websites has enabled me to support my ministry habit and provide retirement income.

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