People Search Google For
Information To Solve Everyday Problems

People Do Search Google

People search Google: The web search results on this information search results page prove that fact.

When needing information, people search the internet for their problem-solving solutions. Often that solution is tied to a product that provides the result for which they are searching. 

Perhaps a better question to ask about Google searches is this: "How could you as an entrepreneur solve a potential customer the solution to their need?"

In some way, people doing information search need help solving their problem, lead them to a new career, help get them a better grade in a school assignment, or even help them buy the perfect gift.

People Search Google For Finding Information To Solve Everyday Problems

When people search Google they are ultimately searching the internet for information to solve everyday problems.

Yes, people are searching not just Google but other search engines to discover life related information. Often we hear the question "Did you google it?" and what is really being asked is "Did you use any search process for getting the information you wanted?"

So it seems that for many the word "google" has become a generic term that simply means "to search". The internet has forever changed how we find the information in order to solve the everyday problems of life.

People Search the Internet for Products to Solve Problems

Someone is going to provide the product that solves the problem the searcher is looking for. Why not be one of the providers that meets the needs of the searchers.  That is what businesses do, meet the needs of people needing their problem solved.

Maybe it is simplistic but it seems that there are two sides of any transaction, a consumer and a provider.  The consumer pays the provider for services or products rendered.  

So in any career choice you make, most likely you will be on the provider side of the equation. That is what is so exciting about starting a small business in order to meet the needs of people searching on the internet.

One of the best internet businesses to explore is the Silent Sales Team by Jim Cockrum.  I personally like the ethical stand Jim takes and that he is very open about his faith as a Christian Businessman who uses the internet to fund ministry and mission projects around the world.