Press Release Publicity and Social Media Ads

Press Release Publicity and Social Media

Press release publicity was a way to get your message out through, just as the name suggests, press releases.

The whole idea is to put the unique story of a product or brand out to the marketplace through newsy type releases.  Over the years, the whole technology world has taken on a new face, mainly social media marketing.

Recently, there have been variations in the press release approach with one of the most unique using Facebook ads to get the message of a brand or product into the minds of potential customers.

Using Facebook Ads to Create A Community

Back in the late 1990's I received a phone call from a fellow named Joe who asked if I use to live in Bellingham, Washington. He had met me when I was trying to fund my ministry career through my own computer repair business. 

He informed me that he now worked for a major press release company that was located at that time in Ferndale, Washington, a small town near Bellingham.

I remember thinking "Wow! Who would have thought that the world would beat a path to Ferndale to obtain their press release distribution services." Who would have guessed a small town in Whatcom County would be home to the press release industry leader?

Free Publicity from Press Releases, Which You Had to Pay For

Worldwide publicity for a company or unique news about various products was obtained when a company or author distributed their press release announcements through a news-wire service.

Joe assured me that for a fraction of the cost of traditional press releases or internet advertising, I could send my news release through his company and accomplish the following results:

  • See your news on top-tier news sites like Yahoo! News
  • Increase your visibility and rankings in search engines like Google
  • Get your news to top journalists and media outlets
  • Drive qualified, ready-to-buy traffic to your Web site
  • Best of all, he told me that you'll be using the premier online visibility engine trusted by more than 40,000 businesses, agencies, associations and nonprofits.

Social Media Takes the Lead In Reaching Millions

Who would have guessed that a small toy company used Facebook Ads and shareable stories to get their toy to the number 1 position on Amazon? 

They made the mistake of sharing their success and soon other companies were begging for the how to's of Facebook marketing.  They starting training others but could not keep up with the demand by companies wanting to have their marketing people trained.

So they produced a training course in order to meet the demand. Now before sharing this training program information, I need to comply with the FTC rules regarding advertising on the internet. Of course these rules are for the protection of consumers, so I don't mind complying.

Advertisement Disclosure: I may receive compensation for any links to services or products below but that does not add any cost to the product or service. Affiliate marketing is simply a method for people like you and me to earn income on the internet.

The training program that was developed to teach others how to used social media, specifically Facebook Ads, to reach literally millions of viewers is called the:

Proven Audience Formula.

For more than large commercial companies, this formula has been used by non-profit organizations, churches, small businesses, and Amazon sellers to create an audience that is eager to hear more. This approach is the new press release publicity tool that is used to reach potential customers.