Use privacy policy templates to foster internet privacy protection

When internet privacy protection is needed.

Privacy policy templates make your website privacy statement easy to produce. Producing good internet privacy policies is easy when you can find privacy policy examples on the internet as patterns to follow.

One simple privacy policy generator I found on the internet helped us produce our privacy policy template. You too can use it as a sample for you own websites.

Many internet affiliate programs require websites to show a privacy policy statement in order to advertise their affiliate companies.

By clicking on the link at the bottom of this page you will find a web based program that you can use to generate privacy policy. Many webmasters have produced their internet privacy policies using this free policy template.

Writing Change-Career-With-Purpose.Com Privacy Policy

As have thousands of other website owners needing internet privacy policies spelled out, we turned to a privacy policy example produced by to generate what has become a much copied privacy policy.

You too will discover that privacy policy templates can make a website privacy policy statement easy to produce. While this websites policy page may appear to be a good privacy policy example, you can find other privacy policy examples on the internet.

For Those Needing Privacy Policy Samples

Some sloppy website builders have copied this career focused website's policy verbatim, thinking that my internet privacy policies were worthy to be copied,

They did so without changing the unique references to (meaning my URL appears throughout the internet on websites that have nothing to do with changing careers or careers with purpose).

A very simple to use privacy policy generator helped produce our website policy page, probably the most copied privacy template on the internet, and it is available to creative website owners and webmasters.

While you can certainly use our career focused website as a sample privacy policy, better yet, find more privacy policy samples at

Notice all websites with a privacy policy can become privacy policy templates

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