Professional Photographer Career Change

by Rob(from Florida)

I am presently a Professional Photographer
but am interested in becoming a chaplain,
so wonder if there such a thing as a
vocational degree for chaplaincy?

(Pofessional Photographer
Explores How To Become A Chaplain)

Professional Photographer Career Change Question

A Professional Photographer expressed interest in changing careers.

Photography Is My Passion

First of all, my love for cameras and the whole photo world has captivated me my entire life. I love and breathe cameras and photography.

Photography Passion Priority Shift

While I will always love my cameras, my involvement in a prison ministry known as Kairos Prison Ministries ( has challenged me to explore prison chaplain career possibilities.

My question is about the process for becoming a chaplain: Is there a vocational degree for chaplaincy?

Do you have any suggestions for a Professional Photographer who is exploring a career change to chaplaincy?

Yes, Use Your Passion for Photography In Ministry

I am guessing that you may not have the educational requirements to become a professional chaplain.

Your reference to vocational training suggests a chaplain career training process other than what most hospital or hospice chaplains have pursued.

My suggestion to you is to continue your prison ministry and even explore what is required in order to be a prison chaplain, should that be your career interest.

I believe the requirements for prison chaplain employment are not the same as the process for hospital chaplains.

I can see some powerful ministry opportunities that would tap your expertise in photography.

Your passion for cameras and photography might be valuable to Christian publishers. Mission organizations might be interested in your skills too.

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