Purpose Driven Career Concepts Guide Career Change Decisions

My Purpose Driven Career Concepts

I began by exploring God's Word to help me define what a purpose driven career would look like.

As I examined some of my preconceived ideas about ministry careers, I discovered that much of what I believed was not based on scripture.

In fact, in most world areas, ministry refers to a government department so usage of the terms ministry and minister is in the context of government service.

If we must use those terms, I am now convinced that all Christians are in ministry. I believe that vocational ministry in the local church context is just one expression of Christian ministry.

For me, being in ministry and being purpose driven is so much wider than what I had been taught to believe in my early ministry training.

Once I settled the issue of being in ministry, some personal fears I had about leaving the ministry were no longer valid.

It was then that I decided to change my ministry career direction, seeing that there were multiple career choices through which I could fulfill my career purpose.

Finding God's Will For A Purposeful Career

Concepts such a careers with purpose, finding life's purpose from God's perspective, and the purpose filled life have intrigued me all of my adult life.

My interest defining a purpose driven life began years ago, when my children were preschoolers. My concepts of a purpose driven career meant began taking shape after attending a conference on the purpose filled life.

Write A Simple Sample Statement of Purpose

Defining my personal purpose led me to write a sample statement of purpose as I struggled with putting my mission purpose statement on paper. That experience literally changed my concept of who I was and what I was alive to do!

I remember my first feeble efforts in trying write my sample statement of purpose. What I learned about defining personal purpose has taken a lifetime for me to understand and implement. There are several key sources that have given me a biblical concept of God's purpose.

Formulating My Concept Of The Purposeful Life

First and foremost in defining a purpose driven career is the Bible, God's Word.

Next, as I formulated my concept of the purposeful life, came a book written by Garry Friesen entitled "Decision Making and the Will of God".

I read that book, which was considered radical at the time in it's concept of the will of God, over 20 years ago. Yet it was this book that prompted me to continue defining my concepts on the purpose driven career.

Then came along a book with the title "Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby that further challenged my concept of the will of God.

It was back to the drawing board of my mind as I continually worked on defining my

. . .concept of purpose-driven and determining my life's purpose

. . .tweaking my sample statement of purpose

. . .determining to start writing a personal statement of purpose

. . .and then sharing with others how defining their purpose filled life could lead them to greater freedom.

Next to influence my concept of purposeful living were the writings of Bruce Wilkinson.

His first Wilkinson book that captured the attention of many Christians wanting to discover their God-given purpose was entitled "The Prayer of Jabez".

Recently I read David Wilkinson's book "The DreamGiver", a simple allegory that gives a refreshing view of God at work in our lives.

The Forty Day of Purpose Impact

And finally, the powerful writings of Rick Warren entitled "The Purpose Driven Church" and "The Purpose Driven Life" have helped multiplied thousands to define what being purpose-driven means.

People in my life have been able to see their lives in a new dynamic way after reading Rick Warren's books. Many have also attended his "Forty Days of Purpose" seminar telecasts shown by thousands of churches worldwide.

I wholeheartedly recommend these books in helping people see, and then, be all that they can be by God's grace in every area of life.

Onward With Purpose

Once, when fulfilling the duties of a chaplain, I was in a home to do a spiritual assessment. In my role as a hospice chaplain, pastoral care visits placed me in settings where Christian growth concepts were usually preparing for heaven.

On the table next to my client, an 85 year old lady with a diagnosis of less than six months to live, was the book "A Purpose Driven Life"!

When I asked her about it, she said that she was eager to know just what God's purpose was for the rest of her life, especially knowing she had little time to live.

She wanted to make the most of the time she had left to impact her children and grandchildren with truth concerning faith in Christ.

Websites With Purpose

My purpose driven career concepts have evolved over the years to what I believe now. I see my purpose as helping people be all they can be through the grace of God.

Now, as a retired health care chaplain, I am faced with how to fulfill my purpose. For me, becoming an internet information publisher has enable me to reach more people than I ever did when serving as a local church pastor or chaplain.

If you want to learn more about websites with purpose, click on the following link to learn how you too can Create A Website To Fund A Ministry, Start A Business, or Share Your Life Passion