Purpose Driven Careers For Purpose Driven Job Seekers

Finding Purpose Driven Careers

Where does one find a purpose driven career? Often, the very career niche you are in just needs to be reassessed.

I have a hunch that you many people are exactly where they need to be. Perhaps you need to explore your own heart as to why you are in the career field you are already in.

What would it take within you to be fulfilled in your present work, assuming it is a job with purpose.

The change in the change career with purpose concept is usually within the employee -- a change of heart, an analysis of one's calling, then a reframing of one's mission.

Perhaps just asking this simple question is all that is needed for the change of heart to take place: "Do I need to make a career change or do I need to be changed?"

Appealing to Purpose Driven Job Seekers

Ever notice the references to purpose driven careers on progressive and growing company web sites. I challenge you to start looking to see if there are jobs listings on the websites that you visit, looking for jobs with purpose.

Becoming Purpose Directed In Your Job Search

The truth is purpose comes from within the worker, rather than from the job or career. Dan Miller talks about how workers in vastly different career fields can have the same purpose.

For example, a purpose driven doctor might say his or her purpose is to bring healing to people. A social worker may voice their purpose using the same terms. I suppose a clown could say they too have a purpose of bringing inner healing to those they entertain.

Purpose Driven Careers Or Purpose Driven Employees?

Is it jobs with purpose or employees with purpose

Purpose driven job seekers see the possibilities for fulfilling their purpose in almost any job that is moral and legal.

When my son was first learning to play football in Boise, Coach Dan saw his role as a peewee league coach as a way of fulfilling his Christian calling to "build boys into men of character".

As a hospice chaplain, those that served our patients as home health aids were often what I considered the real chaplains, as they met the physical needs of people facing death, yet were alert to their spiritual needs too.

Career Change Opportunities May Be In Sight

If you are ready to change your career, a good place to start is to look for job opportunities with businesses with whom you already do business.

Those businesses you frequent, the companies you deal with, just may make a great employer. After all, if you like doing business with these need meeting, inspiring companies, so you just may enjoy working for them as your purpose challenging employer.

Look At The We Are Hiring Links On Corporate Websites

When surfing the web, I always look at the "job opening" links on the web pages I visit. Perhaps the companies we do business with should look at hiring their own customers -- the people who believe in them enough to buy their products.

Yes, I realize that what I call jobs with purpose may not be the career with purpose I have my sights on. In looking back on some of those jobs I took just to have food on the table were necessary detours to get me to where I eventually ended up.

Ours is not a perfect world we all know. There are those job opportunities that may pay less than we want, with job duties that we may even find beneath us. Who says? If a job has dignity and meets needs, perhaps God has led us to it either to meet needs of people around us.

When an elementary school teacher, my wife felt blessed when the custodian understood his job was to create an atmosphere for kids to learn.

Yes, even temporary jobs can be jobs with purpose, and eventually, may even become purpose driven careers.